Sushiswap core team hiring guidelines v4.2

I’m representing 3 persons, and we have together around 2500000 sushi.
We keep our positions since October because we trust in the power of the sushiswap team. But we don’t like at all how the game is changing with your new hires guideline. We think investors and community will not appreciate how you are currently handling this situation, because it’s not fair at all, and you will lose your capacity to hire high new profile.


  1. Four new members was hired the 11 January 2021.
  2. They received immediately a signing bonus of 20000 sushi → 80000 USD , and not after the trial period as the hiring guidelines advocate.
  3. They had a package for 1M USD / Year
  4. Two weeks later, they said " defi is growing fast, but we will pay less, and it’s normal, more you are earlier in the core team, more you take risk, more you deserved to be paid " . They are absolutely crazy. You can say this for people in september / october, but not for people in 11 January . What will you say to a new hire member in March ? What’s the difference between being hired in January or in March ? Are you really crazy ? Do you understand the BAD signal you are going to give to all investors or not ?


  1. Each new member must have a trial period of two months
  2. The bonus package is 10000 SUSHI or 80000 USD ( previously it was 20000 sushi ) , and must be paid like all others members at the signature, not after the trial period, it’s unfair.
  3. The salary is fixed to 300K USD by year for dev, 180K USD for ops and comms, 100K for community manager. The member can being paid in USDC or in SUSHI. If it’s in SUSHI the salary will be, each month, 25000 USDC / sushi price. The sushi price is calculated at the moment where the salary will be sent.


If this proposal is appreciate by the community, we will create a snapshot and we will use all of our 2.5M SUSHI to vote. If not, we are waiting from the core team a strong proposal.


Just for clarity, I ended up not joining the core team for a variety of reasons.

I actually think this proposal is simpler and closer to a fair and sustainable way to reward people for their hard work. Personally I would like to add a small SUSHI component for everyone. So the main salary should be USD based (but paid in SUSHI) + a small amount in SUSHI regardless of the price. Having too much of the salary in SUSHI has created crazy salaries, which is nice for those who get it, but weird for those joining just a little later.

We can’t change the past deals (although I still hope the team collectively decides to decrease their salaries by some % per month until it’s more market conform), but I agree that it’s better to move away from full SUSHI denominated salaries. They lead to nothing but trouble:

  • If the SUSHI price goes up, later hires are jealous/unhappy
  • If the SUSHI price goes down, good staff will quit because they’re earning too little

It’s a lose-lose situation. Thanks for sharing your views on this.


@BoringCrypto I’m sad to know you will not join the core team. You are exactly a high self-talented profile for sushiswap.
May you give us more reasons ? Was it a problem about the salary , the governance or your role in the team ?

Does Sushiswap owns Bentobox or not ?
If not, what does-it mean exactly for Sushiswap ?

I can’t say better !

I’ll work in a more freelance capacity. For now I think it will be better that way.

As per my original proposal: “A perpetual unrestricted license will be granted to Sushi but only for the use within the Sushi ecosystem.”

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@BoringCrypto You created a proposal on the forum, the snapshot was approved, and less than one month after you tell us, you will not work for sushiswap ? It’s very strange.

The more I dig, the more the lack of communication is huge.
After @0xctrl, now it’s you, and if I hadn’t create this proposal, the community would never have known you have left sushiswap less than 1 month after the snapshot.

Please, give us more details, be transparent, I am less and less confident in sushiswap and I don’t understand at all what is going on here.

Did you receive the bonus ? Have you been paid and the most important : You have created the proposal, your snapshot was approved, WHY will you left ? Your answer isn’t clear, you are smart, so I can’t believe it’s only for having more freelance capacity. I appreciate your work and your vision, I want to understand.

Sure, happy to explain. This was the role I was keen on taking on:

I was keen to work with the team and contributors to bring all the separate projects (MISO, limit orders, SushiBarV2, MIRIN, MaterChefV2, etc) and parts of SUSHI together in a more cohesive and high quality solution. To fulfil this role I felt I would have to be part of the core team.

Some in the existing core team were less interested (and one outright rejecting) in me taking on this role. So if I would come onboard I would just be ‘doing my BentoBox’ thing. While this is also fine with me, I can simply do that as a contributor, so there is no need for me to join the core team for that.

And joining while someone in the current team is clearly opposed to it was not something I was interested in. I have no interest in politics and hostility, so I felt the best course of action for me was to just focus on delivering BentoBox and let Joseph build a team to take Sushi forward.

End of the day I fully support Maki in whichever direction he’s taking Sushi with the community’s support. It’s always easy to criticise, but there’s no denying that only a few months ago Sushi was written off and trading at $0.50. Maki, the team and the wider community have turned that around and now Sushi is a blue-chip trading near all time highs.

As to payment, when I released the beta I received 25k SUSHI and today, after delivering the BentoBox (token vault) I’ve received 37.5k SUSHI. Upon the delivery of Kashi (the lending solution) I will receive the remaining 37.5k, totalling the 100k SUSHI originally quoted for the BentoBox (when it was trading at $1.50 or so). I have not received any salary or signing bonus.


Thank you for this clear answer, I respect your decision and I understand your point of view.

You deserve to be a Lead Architect, everyone know what Bentobox means for Sushiswap, it’s a race between Sushiswap, Uniswap and all others DEX, building BentoBox is an amazing stuff and it shows us how talented you are !

I’m just a bit sad, about how the core-team acted.
Sorry for the words but I don’t find better, it’s like childrens who want to conserve their power, and they was afraid to lose this power. They thought because they was the first to work for Sushiswap, they deserve to be highly positioned than a new member.

I regret this choice of the core team not to let Boring be the lead architect.

There are no amazing evolution since September, except Bentobox .
In fact,

I’m afraid the early core members become more and more arrogant, first by dividing by 2 all salaries and bonus for shit reasons, second by not recognizing the talent and the role of a new member, third by isolating @0xMaki .

I hope @dangerousfood will do a great job.

Actually, not .


Dear Boring,

thank your for your reply, I understand that your vision was not fully shared by somebody else. I hope is not the top hired based on some different views on the future of Sushi. Sorry for speculating, I am convinced Maki supported you fully and other new members for sure respect you & your work too much to veto.

I am in Sushi from the beginning, I put in September a substantial amount in, I stayed and hodl during the worst periods, due to your involvement, pro active proposal & execution of Bento (probably Bento will double the revenues) and due to Maki open mind, passion & energy. I have to thank you both for your vision and dedication, many more excellent things will come.

I am deeply disappointed not having you as full time Lead Architect, no matter the reasons. If your personality fits better a freelancer position as of now, its ok to follow your work as Lead Architect “not hired” and continue to propose new developments for Sushi. I have no doubts that the community will always vote “yes” on any proposal you will make, with almost 100% of the votes.

In the last 6 months sooooo many things happen to Sushi. Who knows how things will be in the summer or EOY ? Maybe with you technically leading the team. :slight_smile:

All the best !

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Clearly all of the hiring guidelines have been controversial and none are going to be considered we will operate with the ops fund only and at our own discretion without leveraging treasury until it make sense.

I am not involved in any decisions on the technical side of team. I want to see contributors execute on their own terms and will support anyone with grants that are reasonable for bigger projects they are free to do a proposal.

There is no arrogance & thats very weird statement, I don’t see how salaries should impact you considering we are trying to make it more reasonable, I don’t see why I would pay someone in BD 300k USD if I can have someone doing the same job for 150k and be happy doing so with the same if not better output.