Sushiswap & Cross-chain interactions

As more users enter this space, we all see that there is a barrier of entry due to the gas fees to use Ethereum. One of the ideas proposed by other blockchains for decentralized apps is the concept of cross-chain interactions. The way i see it: The Ethereum chain is sort of like an informational highway, because there are so many new users (and more importantly, transactions) before this “highway” can expand, traffic is building up.

There is doubt from some users in this scaling, that Ethereum 2.0 will take too long to solve these issues; as the finished transition is likely years away from completion. Personally, I am conscious of the fact that we are already living in the world where Eth validators are processing transactions and earning Eth (2.0) that is locked until the transition is complete and that this concept is scaling Ethereum already; whether people realize it or not.

Back to my analogy and the topic of this thread: Cross-chain interactions could be similar to taking an off-ramp from this highway/blockchain onto another highway/blockchain. Multiple chains interacting between each other is a way of mitigating the congestion of the Ethereum chain. I am interested in what people’s thoughts are on how this concept could play out as well as if developers in the(se) protocol(s) have any current plans to implement/integrate other chains into the Sushiswap ecosystem.


Yes, at present, the gas cost of eth is too high, and the price of sushi has always failed to rise recently, so we should raise the price of sushi

I appreciate your participation and input. However, the price of sushi has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of this thread. The purpose of this thread is to build conversation around how protocols plan/expect to scale.

To respond to your concerns about the price of Sushitoken: the price of sushi is not only strongly correlated with the movement of ethereum, it has been in a strong uptrend in terms of Eth since november, and more than doubled in price over the last 30 days.

If you want to “raise the price of sushi”, you must increase the demand. You can do this by investing your eth into sushitoken and buying up all the supply :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. I’m a trader from China. At present, people in our country don’t know much about sushi. I hope to be a Chinese community. After all, many people in our country want to participate but don’t understand English. I want the community to be a Chinese website to promote Sushi

Thank you for clarifying your background, so that i may understand where you are coming from and potential language barriers we may encounter in discussion. I am not a trader and personally am more interested in the development of the ecosystem in terms of technology. If you would like to continue a discussion about the tokenomics or how to bring these ideas to the Chinese community, please create a new thread and we can discuss these concepts there. Thankyou