SushiSwap DAO Guidelines analysis

This is the link to SushiSwap DAO Guidelines

also this link important

I summarize it in one page and this makes it easier for the community to be able to examine and give ideas for development

it good work the ideas are good and a lot of effortt into preparing it
some points for discussion
proposal start from the forum or the discord decision-making system is a good system, but it has some points

Of course, the sushi community has experts in the crypto industry with great experience in various fields and is able to properly evaluate any proposal but in the end they are not obligated to follow all proposals interact or comment on them

If the proposals are sorted we will find
1.There are some proposals that may be incomprehensible, specialized or complex, or explain complex ideas or long plans only someone who is expert in the crypto industry understands it
and not all in the forum is expert but of course they should participate in the decision-making
Thus, whoever reads the proposal becomes unable to vote or express an opinion, and therefore ignores the matter

2.There are very good proposals and no one votes or comment on and therefore it ignored
Although it is useful for sushi because community does not understand its importance

In fact I think any proposals or good idea if it specialize in the field of crypto or complex, will never pass through Temperature Check

Naturally strong proposals are complex and specialize in crypto this prevents Sushi from benefiting from the ideas, proposals and opinions of experts and specialists in the community
only simple, easy ideas are what find interaction and pass through Temperature Check

I read this
1.2.2 Internal Review
Once an item passes the forum temperature check phase and is deemed to have enough traction within the community to move forward, the COC shall review the proposal with the SushiSwap development team to review
Estimated development requirement & timeline
Potential risks to the platform
Potential revenue opportunity for the platform
nce this is complete, the COC will communicate this back to the community in the nex step:

COC begin review just if proposals pass Temperature Check
The solution is in my opinion Community Oversight Committee (”COC”) should works from the first step Temperature Check
be obligated to read all the proposals in the forum and through the comments provide a specialized opinion in a simplified way whether positive or negative explaining the benefits or harms do not ignore any proposal

Thus, this helps the community members to build an opinion and the community will be able to understand what this proposal is even if it is complex and specialized in the field of crypto after understanding good or evil within the proposal

Snapshots Snapshot Posting
Snapshots can be posted by:
Any community member with 200,000 SUSHIPOWAH
Any senior team member
Any Community Oversight Committee member

I do not understand this point well.
can these submit a proposal to Snapshot directly without presenting to the community??
I think this is a danger can easily pass something against the interests of Sushi in this way

Community Oversight Committee (”COC”)
The committee should include members who have legal, financial, technical and other expertise the conditions or descriptions of the experiences and skills of the elected members of this committee are not mentioned
There should be specifications and criteria in terms of experience and competence to elect members to the committee

The committee COC has very broad powers
In this way, the executive team will be unable to perform its duties its role should be oversight and advice and clear boundaries should be drawn between its role and that of the executive team in order not to make the executive team at the end frozen, unable to do anything
need to add additional explaining the boundaries between the committee and the executive team

There is no responsible role for products responsible person about adding new ideas and new products and developing existing products I mean developing products as concept not as code

I think pushing sushi forward will only come through research and development and adding new features to existing products
Searching for new products in the crypto world to add to the current products range
Perhaps if in the future it is planned to bring someone who is capable of this, it will be a good thing

If there is something inaccurate in the illustration please let me know and I will correct it

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