SushiSwap Genesis Block/First Trade

I recently discovered SUSHI through PoolTogether and would like to get more information about its genesis block and/or first trade date.

I am an astrologer, and I have an interest in financial astrology. Astrologers working on humans construct a birth chart for a person using the date, time, and city of their birth, and then they monitor how the ongoing cycles of the planets interact with that chart to get a sense of the ups and downs in that person’s life. Similarly, financial astrologers construct a birth chart for a stock using the date, time, and city of the stock’s first trade, and now some are branching out into cryptocurrency as well.

Here are some examples of how financial astrologers have worked with Bitcoin:

So far I have been able to find on ADVFN’s UK site that the genesis date of SUSHI is September 1, 2020. However, does anyone know at what time and in what city (I need the city to know the time zone) this took place?

Also, I am a little shaky on the relationship between the genesis block and the first trade for cryptocurrency. The commonly used astrological chart for Bitcoin is for the date and time that Bitcoin was first mined, but is the date and time that Bitcoin was first bought and sold different from that? If there is a difference between the two, I would like to know both date/time/city of first mined and date/time/city of first trade for SUSHI.


Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

SUSHI token creation: Aug-26-2020

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Thank you. I appreciate it!