SushiSwap Global PR/Marketing Campaign Proposal II


This proposal is to create comprehensive PR and Marketing strategies which help facilitate transparent and immediate communications between the SushiSwap core team and the global community, to improve SushiSwap branding, increase community participation in DAO, and help the dev team build up a more user-friendly SushiSwap based on the community’s feedback. The proposal also includes strategies to increase user growth and retention through the use of paid and organic social media and advertising strategies. With the effort of the core team and community, we can make SUSHI the most powerful community-run project in the crypto world.**


From day 1, the community has been very interested in trading and farming on SushiSwap. However they lost confidence after SushiSwap experienced a price crash and the ChefNomi drama. In order to re-build the community’s trust in SushiSwap and attract new users, we are proposing a series of PR/Marketing campaigns to implement a series of branding & marketing strategies.**


  • Milestone 1: Rebuild Community’s trust and confidence in SushiSwap and enhance SushiSwap’s community image
  • Milestone 2: Implement Organic Social Strategy:Grow Twitter following, Medium readership, and engagement within Discord/Telegram/WeChat
  • Milestone 3: Increase community engagement, boost community sentiment and further attract those within the SUSHI ecosystem to get involved, contribute, and further the platform
    • Engage closely with the Chinese community to improve PR standing, engage users in active participation, and increase (positive!) brand awareness in the Chinese crypto community
  • Milestone 4: Leverage paid social media to:
    • Increase followers and brand awareness
    • Drive new users to the platform and convert them
      • Tailored strategies and marketing to both traders and LPs
    • Retain current user base and make return users out of new followers by demonstrating the value added by using the SushiSwap ecosystem and the non-tangible benefits of being involved in a passionate community
    • Drown out negative tweets and discourse with promoted and paid tweets that speak to the benefits of the platform and the scrappy, upstart, community-led ethos
  • Milestone 5: Improve our less-than-stellar PR through both our own paid advertising as well as paid partnerships with valuable crypto influencers (articles, interviews, podcasts, etc)


Organic Social Strategy

  • 3-4x posts per week on Twitter/WeChat about what’s happening with the platform
    • Project updates and highlights
      • Develop a standardized ‘road map’ that serves as a source of truth to derive all individual posts from. Developing a dashboard and priority list in tandem with developers, funneling it into a branded and cleanly designed visualization that lives on the site, in weekly Medium posts, and sliced into bite-sized pieces for Twitter and WeChat
    • SushiSwap Daily Digest: Tweet SushiSwap daily performance dashboard including liquidity, volume, top farms, chef’s menu of week and DEX Rankings.
    • New proposals for voting, and their results
    • Important announcements
      • These are done in tandem with designers/creators to create visually engaging infographics, visualizations, illustrations, etc
  • 2-3x posts per month (increasing over time as more people participate) about the community and what they’re involved with/interested in:
    • Monthly contributed articles from community members, topics ranging from lighthearted/funny and personal, to development proposals, economic predictions, project feedback, chef interviews, and anything else the community is interested in
      • Perhaps a separate Medium account for community updates as to not muddle official updates
      • These would all be shared on Twitter and WeChat as well
      • Develop incentives for this - Author Badges, SUSHI tokens, free swag or NFT/Collectibles, etc
  • Develop strategy and execution of soliciting and highlighting community feedback and volunteer efforts
    • Create a community feedback intake form that lives on the website - link to it from Twitter, WeChat, Medium, within Discord and Telegram, and other places on the website. Forward the community feedback to the dev team to help create more community selected SushiSwap features.
    • Create more avenues for people to get involved and volunteer, particularly within the Chinese and ASEAN community
      • Coordinate volunteers with appropriate projects and tasks, create incentivized rewards for helping out and promote creative and helpful volunteers on social media channels (while also calling out the ways in which new people can get involved)

Chinese Marketing Strategy

  • SushiChina Media: Partner with top China Media and create and publish PR articles across top China media platforms;
  • SushiChina digital marketing campaign: Design SushiSwap stickers, pictures and videos and encourage the community to share on their social media;
  • AMA: Host AMA with China community bi-weekly;
  • Manage 50+ community groups;
  • SushiChina Meetups: Host meetups and discuss project development, proposals and road map with the community more closely at least once a quarter in China (when virus situation is allowed)
  • Support dev team to add CN to website

Paid Social Strategy

  • Strategies:

    • Determine a hashtag strategy - do we try and salvage existing hashtags full of negative press, or do we pivot and create new ones? A deep dive is needed here
    • Develop and implement specific marketing creative and posts targeted at appropriate audiences within predefined budgets
    • Consistently reevaluate the performance of paid advertisements for ROI, engagement and conversion rates, etc - and readjust creative, messaging, targeting, reach, and spend based on analytics
  • Twitter and Retargeting Advertising:

    • Target prospective liquidity providers both in general and to a granular level of interest in specific coins
    • Target potential LPs with project updates, like our rotating menu pool - these ads could change weekly as the menu changes
    • Target prospective traders by putting paid ad dollars behind new features that make trading simpler, faster, cheaper, etc
    • Paid sushinomics deep overall performance analysis produced by a different recognized influencer, OG, consulting firm or similar (i.e. Adam, Larry Coindesk, Messari) and shared free or sponsored in as many as possible outlets/media
  • Google AdWords:

    • Dedicate a sizeable amount of ad dollars behind getting promoted results around search terms like SushiSwap, Chef Nomi, xSUSHI, etc in order to have positive PR results higher up on Google and push down negative press
    • Do competitive keyword analysis to identify search terms related to DeFi, yield farming, staking, etc and find niches and avenues to put ad dollars behind promoted results for these terms, with the goal of driving conversion and creating repeat users

Other Methods and Strategies

  • Use marketing budget to pay community members or freelancers to create educational and/or fun, brand-awareness-oriented video content
  • Create an email marketing strategy - have people sign up on the website or via Medium, and deliver weekly status updates, new project announcements, new community proposals etc into inboxes
  • Explore the feasibility of establishing presence on other social media platforms and whether or not any paid advertising on said platform is worth the investment
  • Expanding our authorship on Medium to allow for additional educational content, and in-depth niche pieces on Sushinomics, technical insights, etc
  • As marketing ramps up, employ A/B testing wherever possible to determine most engaging content and pivot strategy around findings

We propose to lead and implement the above strategies with the marketing team and support from the core team and community members. We propose the budget be allocated from the Growth Fund. Budget will cover all expenses incurred during the plan execution:

  • Execution & leadership bonus
  • Community manager compensation
  • Reimbursing volunteer expenses
  • Running Marketing Campaign
  • Volunteer task completion rewards
  • Paying Media for publishing PR articles
  • Paying for targeted advertising
  • Meetup venues, preparation and logistic expenses
  • Any costs of freelancers employed
  • All other related expenses not listed (to be disclosed to community)

Miya’s Background

  • Miya joined as WAKIITA and has been managing SushiSwap’s PR/Marketing and publishing on the SushiChef Twitter and official WeChat accounts. She has been a passionate and contributing member of SushiSwap since day 1. She entered blockchain in late 2016 and founded a blockchain media/branding strategy company based in Silicon Valley and China. She has hosted 3 global blockchain conferences with 100+ speakers, 500+ blockchain companies and 2000+ attendees in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in Silicon Valley. She co-organized a Finance Blockchain conference in Xiamen, China in 2019. She has been successfully providing PR and branding strategies to several crypto projects around the world.

Chester’s Background

  • Chester joined the community in early September and after contributing campaign graphics was onboarded as BIJUTSU. He has 10+ years in experience in various forms of graphic design and brand development, and has been leading the brand of a US-based retailer as a Creative Director for 5 years, focusing on creating marketing strategies for an omni-channel (in-store, online, and within community events) approach and developing and maintaining branding and visual standards for both the business he works for and the brand partners they collaborate with. He is relatively fresh to the Crypto world, but is passionate about it’s development and the impact it will have on global finance and technology.


  • Budget of 50k SUSHI monthly to implement two core strategies: Organic Social Strategy & Chinese Marketing Strategy
  • Budget of 100k SUSHI monthly to implement all three core strategies: Organic Social Strategy & Chinese Marketing Strategy & Paid Social Strategy
  • Budget of 120k SUSHI monthly to implement all three core strategies and also Other Methods and Strategies
  • Nah… PR/Marketing is not important to SushiSwap now

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Sounds great!
Well written and detailed proposal with a clear value preposition and well defined milestones. I don’t really have anything to add other than saying good work!

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Thank you @SushiMiya for your great ideas and collaboration on this - and big thank you to the community for all your wonderful ideas and feedback! Hoping to get this rolling and start the journey of letting the world know just how awesome we all are :slight_smile:


Great proposal!
Let’s rebrand our Sushiswap together!

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Thanks to both of you for your time, dedication and for working as a team.
I may have a different opinion as the winner vote, still I fully support the 120k monthly budget as Mk start for a very young start-up with nice working services & revenues, a lot of development in progress and big active community.
If the results, KPI’s will be good (increase Trading volume, TVL, etc) I will happily support even an increase of the budget.

Waiting for the Sushipowah vote to the active,

All the best wishes !

It might be wise to put somewhere in the proposal the current sushiswap predicted income so that people can easily get context for how expensive this may or may not be in relation to our wealth.

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I think the things that could be made clearer to the community are the “execution and leadership bonus” and “community manager compensation”. Right now the proposal wraps these items all into one- will there be controls on unused monthly budgets or will the budgeted amounts roll into the next month? I think it would be best if full time marketing personnel compensation and marketing budget are separate proposals to prevent potential abuse or at least show an intended breakdown. For example there’s no way I would vote if the breakdown of 150k sushi monthly budget was 50% (execution and leadership + compensation) and 50% AdWords.

With the covid situation I doubt we will be spending on conferences, which is usually a big part of the marketing budgets along with paid articles, etc- This will leave a large portion of the budget unused and should be subject to appropriate rules on what happens when such situations occur.


Lots of the proposed items seem very tech heavy- will they split up limited engineering resources? I agree with comments above of needing more of a breakdown to show how this budget is being used, especially regarding salaries and some method of adjusting the budget based on performance. I’ve personally seen crypto and tech projects blow through $400k on paid articles with not a single user signup :frowning:


@Redwolf @Neverever these are great feedback points, thank you for pointing that out. I am 100% on board with the idea of transparency with budgets should this be something that gets voted on officially. I personally would love to have a lot more detailed numbers and predictions in here but a lot of that depends on the budget received, and there’s a lot of research and planning that would have to be done with a baseline budget amount so we could break it down further and determine specific budgets for various activations and determining the appropriate KPIs for making sure we’re being smart, efficient, and nimble with how we pull things off.

Perhaps if this did get enough traction to be put up for an official vote, Miya and I could dive into this even deeper and try and get more specifics for these various tasks. I also think it could be a nice idea for there to be an AMA or other type of community call where we could field questions and provide a clearer strategy and implement feedback as we get it.

Understandably there’s a lot of feedback and hesitation around approving budgets without a ton of line-by-line spend on certain things, and I sincerely would want to do everything I could to make things as transparent as possible. At least for myself personally, I have a demanding full-time job and there’s only so much I can do at this point - the work involved in developing a fully-fledged and intricate marketing budget with timelines, KPIs, granular strategies, and the work of creating graphics and setting up campaigns etc is quite a lot of work - so personally, my intention with adding to this proposal is to show at a high level where we can go and give a roadmap of execution should we be granted any budget.

Always happy to answer any questions, send me a message on Discord if you’d like and I’ll do my best to clarify things to the best of my ability.


@ChesterLaCroix, thanks for the reply- How about just seperating intended full time salaries into another proposal as a first step or just sharing some estimates on what those salaries and leadership bonuses look like in this thread?

I don’t think anyone is expecting a line by line breakdown for all items, just a general one. Imho I haven’t seen any universal “engineering budgets” being proposed- as they’ve all been pretty specific about the objectives or salaries. A blank marketing check of $1.5M for two people seems like a pretty big ask and would have to be essentially weighed against 10 dev salaries.


@Redwolf I believe it would have to be a separate proposal anyway - all other team members have had to have a snapshot vote for their role and salary and so I would expect any marketing team or budget to go the same way. But I definitely hear you and I personally will advocate for such because I don’t think it as transparent as possible to have this rolled into this, which I don’t think was totally our intention here - that is something Miya and I should clarify. Thanks for the feedback.

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I agree with @Redwolf, the confused thing about this proposal are the intended salaries / bonuses (?) and the budget. These should be completely different proposals to avoid confusion as to what we’re voting for.

Don’t wanna nitpick, but at the end there are bios like this is a job proposal? But @ChesterLaCroix you said you currently have a demanding full time job as well? I probably wouldn’t vote for $1m salary and bonus for part-time marketing managers


Despite the little issues with clarity around budgeting, I fully support Miya and Chester. Without a solid marketing plan and initiative, we’re destined for failure via all-encompassing obscurity.


Don’t want to nitpick again, but why are we being rushed into voting for a budget when the core question regarding salary vs budget are still outstanding if not avoided? I agree we need a marketing plan, but I don’t agree we need to issue a blank check. Up to now I haven’t gotten a straight answer as to how much fo the 50K monthly is comprised of salaries and for whom. I feel answering that will give the community more confidence…


Taking a look at the proposal again I really don’t know what the high dollar ticket items are to warrant 50k, much less 120k. Organic social strategy doesn’t involve any high spend, and as for the Chinese marketing strategy, ok maybe we will pay for a few featured articles here and there. I’m assuming the rest of the 50K is solely for bonuses and salaries split amongst two people (?), which would be double what we’re paying engineers or even the COO?

@SushiMiya I write for Startup Fortune, would be happy to publish an article about the project or even an interview with someone from the team. Whatever i could do to help, for free of course.


You should join the community podcast tonight and ask some questions - [Untitled] Weekly Community Podcast/livestream

We’re working to clarify what’s going on here with salaries and honestly I don’t think that this proposal alone will finalize any salaries as that would have to come from the dev fund which is a separate conversation and community vote.

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Why do you want to spend so much on marketing? We should build first, spend the sushi on devs, put funds in a gitcoin account. When we spend so much on marketing, we can’t spend more on devs. It’s better to be working hard silently than have brilliant marketing but few innovation. I suggest to breakdown the budget more to see if its worth it.

It’s one thing to have an exceptional product, it’s another to make it visible. The crypto space is saturated and we need a standout brand to cut through the noise and clutter. Our brand has been badly damaged by Nomi’s move, and it’s absolutely essential to revamp it before moving forward.

Please note that funding marketing doesn’t mean taking money away from dev work. We have the resources for both :slight_smile:


Time to put this up for vote! @SushiMiya and @ChesterLaCroix and others have been doing an awesome job with zero budget so far and need dry powder to really execute. PR/Mktng is mission critical and the longer we wait, the farther behind we fall instead of leading.