SushiSwap Global PR & Marketing Campaign Proposal


This proposal is to create comprehensive PR and Marketing strategies which help facilitate transparent and immediate communications between the SushiSwap core team and the global community, to improve SushiSwap branding, increase community participation in DAO, and help the dev team build up a more user-friendly SushiSwap based on the community’s feedback. With effort of core team and community , we can together make SUSHI the most powerful community-run project in the crypto world.


From day 1, the community has been very interested in trading and farming on SushiSwap. However they lost confidence after SushiSwap experienced a price crash. In order to re-build the community’s trust in SushiSwap, I am proposing a series of PR/Marketing campaigns to implement a series of branding & marketing strategies.


  1. Social Media: Publish project highlights, proposals for vote, news and announcements on twitter and Wechat at least three times a week. Collaborate with designers from the marketing team to facilitate in posting more pictures or other visualizations in order to gain more reviews
  2. SushiSwap Community Content Publishing: Collect articles monthly from the community on topics related to SushiSwap. Topics can be around their own funny stories with SushiSwap, proposals to SushiSwap development, SushiSwap LP/Price prediction, SushiSwap Project Evaluation, and any other topics the community is interested in. Review and select the most valuable article and publish on SushiSwap Medium/Wechat. Assign SushiSwap Journalist Badge to the writer and reward the writer.
  3. SushiSwap Road Map Updates: Collect project progress from team and report project progress to community. I will be creating a core project/ proposal execution status dashboard and collect information from the dev team on tasks status, start date, due time, assignee and risks. This project/proposal status dashboard will be shared with the community on social media weekly.
  4. Community Feedback Collection Campaign: Collect community’s feedback on new proposals, new features and other cool ideas. Create a community feedback intake online form to collect feedback from community and then forward the feedback to dev team to help create more community selected SushiSwap features.
  5. SushiSwap Volunteer Campaign: Collaborate and lead all volunteers to work together to complete volunteer tasks and reward volunteers upon task completion. The volunteer tasks will be announced on social media and task details will be explained on discord/Wechat groups to volunteers. I will be tracking volunteer task completion status with the community managers and reward volunteers in time.
  6. China Marketing Campaign: Due to lack of dedicated PR/Marketing in China, SushiSwap’s branding in China has been negatively impacted. However China is one of the biggest crypto markets and it is very important to SushiSwap’s long-term development. I will be collaborating with China community managers to execute the following plans:
  • SushiChina Media: Partner with top China Media and create and publish PR articles across top China media platforms;
  • SushiChina digital marketing campaign: Design SushiSwap stickers, pictures and videos and encourage the community to share on their social media;
  • AMA: Host AMA with China community bi-weekly;
  • Manage 50+ community groups;
  • SushiChina Meetups: Host meetups and discuss project development, proposals and road map with the community more closely at least once a quarter in China (when virus situation is allowed)
  • Support dev team to add CN to website
  • Other SushiSwap Marketing Campaign: Work with marketing team and implement Brand Standardization, Marketing Outreach and User Growth, Web Presence Development and Improvements, Social Strategy, and more


I propose to lead and implement the above strategies. I propose the budget be allocated from the Growth Fund. Budget will cover all expenses incurred during the plan execution:

  • Execution & leadership bonus
  • Community manager compensation
  • Reimbursing volunteer expenses
  • Running Marketing Campaign
  • Volunteer task completion rewards
  • Paying Media for publishing PR articles
  • Meet up venues, preparation and logistic expenses
  • Any costs of freelancers I may use
  • All other plan related PR/marketing expenses

Some background on myself:

Miya, Joined as WAKIITA and have been managing SushiSwap PR/Marketing and publishing our SushiChef twitter and official Wechat accounts. Have been a passionate and contributing member of SushiSwap since day 1. Entered blockchain in late 2016 and founded a blockchain media/branding strategy company based in Silicon Valley and China. Have hosted 3 global blockchain conferences with 100+ speakers, 500+ blockchain companies and 2000+ attendees in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Silicon Valley. Co-organized a Finance Blockchain conference in Xiamen, China in 2019. Have been successfully providing PR and branding strategies to several crypto projects across the world.


  • Budget of 50k SUSHI monthly for executing all above 7 strategies for 6 months
  • Budget of 50k SUSHI monthly for executing all above 7 strategies for 3 months and review the budget plan again after 3 months
  • Nah…

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Sushiswap has been suffering criticism and stain for weeks, which made rebranding an urgent agenda. We need to pay more attention to marketing/PR, not only for branding, but also for attracting more liquidity/volume.
As for Chinese community, it is definitely an essential battlefield we need to win and defense. Sushiswap will never want to miss this emerging market which means countless active users and large amount of capital.
Guys, let’s get started ASAP!

Thank you Miya for your proposal. I support it to be voted & implemented this week. Pls allow me few additional comments.

I suggest a higher amount of the monthly budget, respective: min. 300k on October, 200K November, 100K December. Imo, 50k is a basic “maintenance” monthly budget, but very conservative, a “shy” amount as of now. My expectation is to:

  • have a high worldwide daily presence in various top crypto media outlets, daily comments/discussions by crypto OGs on twitter, maybe some trading competition weekly prizes, events, meet ups, interviews, podcasts, etc. as Sushiswap target is to be the top DEX
  • spend daily to increase the awareness of the many good innovations that sometimes pass without any fuzz. i.e. the last nice communicate on twitter had many main done improvements (lock of the new emission, hard cap of emission, bento box, new UI) that could be promoted individual with single tweets, at different times/days with additional statements to the media, etc. Its clear that the technical innovation rhythm is so high these days due to the passion of the team & community contributors => a lot of reasons to have crypto people worldwide talking about sushi => substantial MK/PR budget needed to keep the discussion going daily
  • at least once every week a paid sushinomics deep overall performance analysis can be produced by a different recognized influencer, OG, consulting firm or similar (i.e. Adam, Larry Coindesk, Messari) and shared free or sponsored in as many as possible outlets/media
  • as crypto twitter is very important, a nice budget should be allocated to have a cured and promoted content daily, maybe twice/day => i.e. the daily log of the hard work of Maki contain, imo, at least few important daily news to be shared on twitter, not only between us on Discord. Its showing the high volume of work done in the background, the high pace of development and very active team & community around.

The above are only few arguments why I consider we need a more substantial Mk budget.
Maybe the sushipowah proposal should allow the community to choose the different amounts (50k-100k-200k-300k-500k/month). I would like your proposal to be united with the one of Chester and to see you working together.

All the best !

SBF spend 1mil SUSHI of his own money for a single important event (migration) to help keeping the LPs. BentoBox of Boring Crypto is a such innovative and game changer Sushiswap update on track to become in one month (more or less) a similar event as importance to keep&bring new LPs with us.
Lets think very carefully a adequate high MK budget for this !

Go ahead guys! :+1: :+1:

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All looks good to me and the fact you want to work alongside me and Chester instead of directing us, gives me a great deal of confidence in what you can bring to the team!

None the less you have my vote.

Edit; I think 50k a month is a good amount to start with, if for any reason we find we need to increase or decrease, we can do so in the future once Miya has had time to show her abilities.


great proposal, and i find 50 k monthly is fine to start with.

You and we can always see how it works out, and if we need to bump it up in the future.

We should also bear in mind, that while the dev fund is healthy now, it will get less and less income (unless the sushi price increases of course) So while we have to move fast, we still need to keep the balance, and keep a healthy treasury for future proposals, hiring’s and other expenses.

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Agreed, please concern market from ASEAN since country from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore quite massive with purchasing power in crypto.

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Thanks for the feedback! Our marketing team is amazing. Pleasure to work with you guys!

Thanks Pakdin! Sure, ASEAN community is very important to us! Please feel free to DM me on Discord on any suggestions to promo SushiSwap on ASEAN. I would like to learn from you and we can work together on this market.

Good point for the budget plan! Have got feedback from the community that detailed budget plan will be helpful for the proposal. We are modifying and making an enhanced version and will list budget info there.

Thank you so much Edward for providing us the detailed feedback! We are working on an enhanced version per community’s feedback. Your feedback is very helpful and valuable!

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:grinning: :grinning: yeah, once we get the budget, let us get it going ASAP!

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Vote YES, but hope that transparent OKRs are put in place. 50k/mo is 600k/yr which is close to double digit % of total funds. Need to focus on ROI for outflow column. Of course, if our mktng leads to price increase, all worth it!

I love it and I voted yes in your poll but I think we’re focusing too much on PR/marketing/mobile apps while almost nobody is talking about real innovation.
I’m not writing this because of @SushiMiya’s post, I’m just saying that we all love marketing and whatever but we should have a real product first, with an edge against our competition.
I’d say innovation first, marketing later.

Hi guys,
Thanks for voting for this PR/Marketing proposal. We just submitted an enhanced proposal based on the feedback that we collected from community last few days after we published the first proposal. Please check the updated proposal here: SushiSwap Global PR/Marketing Campaign Proposal II

And also, please vote again on this new proposal:
“SushiSwap Global PR/Marketing Campaign Proposal II”. Thank you!!!

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