SushiSwap LP inclusion in the Ampleforth Geyser

With the release of Uniswap’s governance token UNI a lot of discussion around TVL has been amplified.
It appears they are incentivizing the following four liquidity pools with this token:


That said, I feel it would benefit SushiSwap and SUSHI to incentivize and prioritize Liquidity Pools and partnerships outside of those four mentioned UNI incentivized pools.

One such method of incentivizing liquidity to move from Uniswap to SushiSwap for long periods of time would be SLP inclusion in the Ampleforth Geyser program. Currently only Uniswap and Mooniswap LP tokens are eligible for inclusion. UWETHAMPL-V for example. This program incentivizes long periods of liquidity locked due to its scaling rewards based on duration staked.

Currently on its second iteration of the program, the Ampleforth Geyser (beehive) has varying rates of APY depending on the AMPL:coin pairing ranging from 90% to 300% in addition to gains made from the actual liquidity provision. This reward rate grows based on duration staked in the geyser up to a maximum of 3x after 60 days. Both versions of the Geyser (v1 and v2) have been 90 day duration. After the creation of the v2 Geyser, shifting existing staked UWETHAMPL-V from v1 to v2 was a few clicks. Those who participated for its duration will have liquidity locked on Uniswap for up to 180 days, when a v3 drops add 90 days to that. Ampleforth has mentioned multiple tiers of this Geyser program.

If SushiSwap LP is included in this program quickly, those currently in the v2 could still make the 60 day 3x reward incentive and then shift to v3 after its conclusion.

I realize this would be an initiative that would need to be implemented on the Ampleforth side, but felt it was worth discussing.


Makes complete sense but I believe the actual coding and implementation would need to be executed by the AMPL team, making contact with them and get this started would make a lot of sense.

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Yep for sure, the developmental life would be on the Ampleforth side.

This is a great point for sure. This type of incentivizing long term liquidity, especially in novel elastic supply tokens, is something that should be monitored and considered. Especially as TVL is becoming a massive metric in the ecosystem. IMO incentivizing long term liquidity with scaling rewards rather than penalizing early removal of liquidity (as some platforms have done with staking) is the way to go.

I really do like your point of communal interoperability. This is a way to create a long term base, as well as validity through partnerships.

I like thie idea.
This is a way to create a long term base, as well as validity through partnerships.