SushiSwap Org Chart & Business Plan Roadmap

Im posting this in proposals but this is less of a proposal and more my attempt at putting together a business plan for SushiSwap. We have the right people involved, but unfortunately we lack a bit of structure, which I think this should help with.

This is very high-level, and it introduces some new ideas (compensation, ESG & operational accruals for example), but the core idea is to create a scalable business that can run on its own for decades and beyond. It is not entirely complete, you will see some sections where I request some help, but I would be happy to carve out a community call with @Tangle and go through this and take suggestions, especially from Core Dev.

Ok so lets get into it:

First things first, SUSHI needs STRUCTURE. Step 1 will be to implement the following organizational structure. We have had some of this informally, but this crystallizes direct lines of reporting and accountability which we need:

The above introduces the idea of a full C-Suite who can be voted in/out via governance:

  • CEO
  • CMO
  • CTO

Underneath each will be the current positions we have which the C-Suite will manage according to their wishes without the need for governance on every little decision. Core Dev can discuss who can fill these current positions, and who we need to recruit for. Personally I think we could fill out some of these roles with current team members, but not all, and I’ll refrain from voicing my personal choices for now.

Each role in the org chart above will have specific responsibilities. I have begun to lay them out here: SushiSwap Org Chart Definitions - Google Docs

We know we need this already Pocketsquare!

I hear you. The following is where we get a bit deeper. IE this is where we start thinking about SushiSwap as a scalable business. Step 1 is implementing organizational structure. Step 2 is how we actually push it out of the nest and let it fly. How do we do this? By leveraging the revenue streams that SushiSwap is receiving, deprecating xSUSHI awards ever so slightly (Gasp! I know, I’m an xSUSHI holder too, but hear me out here this will create value beyond a couple APR points) and instituting accruals that will fund various aspects of the business including compensation, marketing & operations.

Use this:

To create this:

Which will fund this: SushiBar Revenue Streams: - Google Docs

This is all a very rough idea, and I would love to solicit some feedback from the community. Together I think we could polish this up and create a real roadmap for Core & team to implement that will help organize SushiSwap and move it forward without having to have external parties come in and “take over”. Would love to hear from Core here, as well as Arca. Im available outside of the forums/discord if easier.



Great work here. Formalization of expense structure beyond funding from the token emissions is essential. A few ideas:

Thinking about the platform fees more, they are a product of both Swap Volumes and xSushi tokens outstanding. The 20% compensation accrual looks great in terms of gross numbers today, but if we had 30 million more xSushi staked with no proportional increase in swap volumes to offset, the 20% compensation accrual would be far too low. Maybe setting some floor for compensation accrual (a base) and the option of receiving additional compensation for the pool (a bonus) above the compensation floor up until the 20% accrual threshold is met? [Edit: Realizing you are having the accrual be taken from pre xSushi fees which solves the denominator issues with xSushi.]

Think for business development, they could take on some roles that investor relations personnel might as well. We need someone to keep a rolodex of large token holders, work with the team and community to produce financial reports, and to handle governance votes.

Let me know your thoughts – thinking out loud here!

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Those incentives is what gives sushiswap its marketshare, you would in essence be killing the best working part of sushiswap

I am strictly talking about the revenues coming from activity on the platform that are currently being served to the bar (5 bps swapping fee, etc). Not proposing anything about emissions (unless there is some connection Im not thinking of? You tell me?)

Yeah as you mentioned in the edit, the accruals are taken strictly from the numerator so the xSUSHI supply shouldnt matter. Its receive fees → carve out accruals → then serve the bar.

The important point here is that this then creates a steady flow of funds that sabliers can be connected to and when you combine this with the Head of HR & CFO functions outlined in the org chart, who has unilateral authority to renew contracts and set payroll without the drag of governance votes for every little thing, then that allows the team to work uninterrupted on the platform and focus on what matters (development of the business) which will create value for all token holders.


Gauntlet would inform that decision per altering the parameters for what is served to the bar as incentives.

Please, just stop with the org charts ser

Hi @sambacha , we are also excited to share more soon about the progress Gauntlet has made around optimizing incentives, and are happy to be involved in discussions as the DAO/org changes!

I think a lot of thought and effort has been put into it