SushiSwap Predictions - Burn Mechanism


At we have built a decentralized cross-chain platform that allows users to predict whether the price of a cryptocurrency or other asset will go up or down in a specified time frame and get rewarded for predicting correctly. PancakeSwap has a similar feature and is using the revenue collected from fees to burn around 500k USD worth of $CAKE weekly. Only a small initial commitment of time from the SushiSwap team would be necessary to create a simple stream of monthly revenue.


For this to be implemented, a discussion or vote would need to be had to decide how the fees on the platform would be split between PRDT and SushiSwap. Once that was decided, PRDT would build and implement the prediction platform to the design and technical specifications required in a one month timeline.


The major motivation would be that it is another revenue stream for SushiSwap which could be used as deflationary mechanism for $SUSHI (among many other options). Here is a link to the PRDT predictions platform: PRDT, and the platform we built for NIOB, The platform would be built to meet the specifications and standards of SushiSwap.


The PRDT team would build and design a custom predictions app that would seamlessly integrate into the SushiSwap ecosystem. The platform would run on PRDT’s smart contracts and all maintenance, upkeep, support, etc would be handled by PRDT. After the initial set-up of the predictions app, all SushiSwap would need to do would be to claim their % of the fees from the total volume of predicitons from their platform from the smart contracts.


Work with to add predictions to the SushiSwap ecosystem.


Do not add predictions to the SushiSwap Ecosystem.


I can’t create a poll currently, so please feel free to leave comments and questions below and I will add a poll when I can.

Adding a poll

  • For - Work with PRDT finance to add predictions to the Sushiswap ecosystem
  • Against - Do not add predictions to the SushiSwap Ecosystem

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The prediction market is interesting, and I am always advocating for extra revenue.

I am curious what Sushi employees think of something like that.

Also, how is PRDT planning to prevent prediction from being seen as gambling in regulatory eyes?

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