SushiSwap Superbowl ad

Simultaneously serious + moonshot crazy proposal + thought experiment:

Super Bowl ads are $5m (as of 2019).

Sushiswap community treasury is >$120m.

so I say “Wen SushiSwap Super Bowl ad?”

Imagine a smart person(s) could easily work out a way to just use yield from the treasury to cover that by the time Super Bowl 2021 rolls around. Requires essentially a 4% return on current AUM. I don’t even like sports but without a doubt it could be a really legendary and cultural watershed moment for DeFi and SushiSwap. Would also be super fun to work on.

I realize this sounds nuts and like a joke, but think it’s cool and also within reach, and would actually end up paying for itself.


If we wont do it, uni will 100% copy it and do it themselves.


In all seriousness, I am extremely in favour of this.

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This would make crypto history if it is done well. My only concern is that it may well cost more than $5 mill if it would be made really good, and I have no idea what the superbowls policies are about financial adverts.

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Are we confident that Americans are our main target audience? I feel that the Chinese community is the one we should be going for so is there an equivalent of a Superbowl ad in China?


There a few major e-sport events the get superbowl level viewership in China. Like the League of Legends finals.


Interesting idea, I hope greyscale drops some big crypto ads anyways. NFL Players are getting on BTC bandwagon right now.

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This could be a great idea!

Uni only invests 750k for their entire community building including startup support and grants. They will never invest in super bowl ads and hopefully never do we. It’s not smart money spending. Superbowl ads are for traditional and boring compagnies…

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And honestly, are we ready for this? It feels a bit too early for me to target mainstream sports public. We would need easier ways to onboard people. If it’s just to pump the price, I feel there are better ways to do this at the moment. Or other events to better focus, IDK

we are 100% supportive

Yea no. I dont think we need a superbowl for SUSHI

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Would be interesting to know figures, but you do wonder what proportion of the audience would be interested in the product, or feel technically able to use it, will they even engage during a super bowl or retain it for later.

You’d think for a fraction of the cost you could run campaigns across multiple esports and more effectively reach your target demographics.