Sushiswap X Rigelprotocol


Support for a product: Autoperiod. The autoperiod feature allows users to automate trading, as well as, make automated investments.


Seeking support from sushiswap community to gain access to the autoperiod feature

How it works

Overview usecase

The Auto-period feature enables you to make automated trades based on pre-configured conditions. The instant those conditions are met. Your trade is executed it is that simple.
Automate Trades :
Automating your investments or trades is quite easy using the Auto-Period Feature. For instance, you want to invest $5000 over a period of 5 weeks equally(that’s $100 per token every week)into 10 different tokens. Doing these manually would be a hassle.
With the Auto-period, you can easily automate these process and all transactions will be executed in real time once all your preconfigured conditions are met.
Market Making on any pairs : Auto-Period removes all the complexities involved when carrying out Marketing Making on Defi Pairs. Easily automate Buy/Sell orders on a particular pair and have them run at intervals. Save those huge costs of running Market Making.

What we want?

Sushi-swap users having access to this feature via the sushi-swap router.