Swap assets without ETH in your wallet

First, I’m not a developer so I’m not sure this is possible. it’s just an idea

  • The problem
    you probably had an experience sending ETH to one wallet from another wallet just to pay gas fees. one has to have minimum amount of ETH to pay gas fees which makes it inconvinient and inefficient for some times

  • Solution
    set a contract that takes a flash loan and pays gas fee for transaction for someone who doesn’t have enough ETH in his wallet to pay gas fee but has other assets and want to swap assets on Sushiswap

  • Example
    CHAD want to swap his SUSHI to YFI on Sushiswap but he doesn’t have enough ETH in his wallet to pay swap gas fee

  1. the contract borrows 0.01ETH flash loan from a flash loan protocol to pay CHAD’s swap gas fee
  2. the contract makes ‘SUSHI to YFI’ swap transaction for CHAD, paying for gas fee with the 0.01ETH borrowed from flash loan protocol
  3. the contract takes little bit of YFI which then automatically be swaped to ETH to pay flash loan back. CHAD gets the rest of YFI
  4. all of this happens in one transaction
  • this whole procedure will take a lot of gas, so it might be useless even if it’s possible
  • to let the contract use CHAD’s SUSHI, he still has to own a little bit of ETH to approve

thanks for reading this