Swap Avax to Time (wonderland)

Hi. I connected metamask wallet to swap 35 AVAX to TIME and apparently all went well.

I wanted to stake some TIME tokens in Wonderland

But when I saw the result of swap I realized my 35 Avax were swap just to 0.374627316 Time tokens. In fact, that swap must given me 2,42 time tokens. So I thought it could be a system bug but it was not. When I was at wonderland Wonderland website I saw that and I got terrified.

Can anybody help me to understand it? The link below has the transaction. I do not know where my avax have gone.

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u should ask on sushi discord, active support waiting for you

I think what happened unfortunately is that you traded into a shallow pool of liquidity and took a hard hit on price impact. There wasn’t even enough Time in the pool to cover the value of 35 Avax. Slippage would have had to have been set high to make that happen.

The Time/wMemo/Avax pools are all kind of concentrated into a few particular pairs so you have to hop through the deepest ones to ensure you get the best exchange rate. It was a big problem a couple of months ago during the Frog Nation debacle. You wouldn’t be the only person this has happened to on this pair. It’s essentially a bad trade, so your Avax is lost. :-/