SWAT analysis of Sushi shows strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats just for discussion

I prepared a SWOT analysis for sushi that reveals strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in briefly
I hope this report be useful for the sushi community and be able to summarize the current situation
and I want help from the community
please if there are errors in it or I need to add something or you do not agree with this report
Please tell me in the comments
the report is just for discussion,and of course, at in the end of the discussion, we will reach useful things be benefit for sushi project
and in the end, from community comments,I will write it again in better way

Hi @mixmore - glad to see you jumping in and applying traditional marketing analyses to a DeFi protocol.

At a quick glance, it looks good! A few things I would add:

  • Strengths also include branding & UI/UX.

  • Opportunities would add a cross-chain DEX, and D2D (DAO to DAO) partnerships.

  • Weakness would be communication and lack of incentivization structures.

  • Threats smart-contract risk.

These are what I would add but feels like you have many of the core ideas!

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Thanks for your reply and interest
These are important additions and very smart points from you
Especially Threats smart-contract risk.
I agree with you and I will add these points to report
Thank you

I modified the report based on @fig smart additions I attached it again