Team propoals for 'Moonbeam <> SushiSwap' task

Dear Swappers,

Moonbeam <> SushiSwap Proposal has been approved over 2 months ago and nobody has picked it up. We would like to propose ourselves to complete the task.

The team is:

Laurence Kirk, founder and CEO of Extropy has been successfuly delivering blockchain projects for last 5 years. He is a developer with over 20 years of professional experience. Laurence is currently taking an MSc in Software Engineering at Oxford University where he founded the Oxford Blockchain Society. He teaches blockchain and cryptography workshops and gives talks on Blockchain, Ethereum and Zero Knowledge Proofs at conferences worldwide.

Fox Reymann, co-founder of Punchline dApp, Truffle Certified Blockchain Engineer, developer with 14 years of professional experience.

We would like to pick up all 3 milestones. ATM only milestone 1 is deliverable as Moonbeam doesn’t run on Kusama nor Polkadot Mainnet yet. We are already working on milestone 1, could deliver within few weeks.

  • Yes, Fox & Laurence deploy SushiSwap on Polkadot
  • No

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Spoke to 0xMaki. Apparently our help is not needed. Closing.