Team Proposal: Kastrye 'Visual Designer'

Hey, I’m Kastrye. Visual designer and master of rounded shapes.

I’m hoping to join the brotherhood of ‘Core’ Sushi chefs as a full-time, senior visual designer alongside Chester and finally enact tyrannical Reign over Sushi’s visual brand.

What have I done so far?

I have been working alongside Chester since Sushi’s inception, where I have been overhauling Sushi’s visual brand into something completely unseen before. All while creating new illustrations, logo’s, 3d renders, animations, UI/UX designs and recently even started looking into merch and NFT designs. Overall I’ve had my hand in every cookie Jar in an attempt to help everyone.

Specific accomplishments

While Chester was achieving small miracles with the UI I was performing blood sacrifices to help create a visual brand that has a great deal of staying power and character to stand out amongst all the other food forks flooding the Crypto scene.

I have also been working really closely with the rest of Core. But for the most part, I have been working closely with OmakaseBar on the modular landing page design and supporting him on FI dashboard. But I have also worked a fair amount with LevX and were able to, in no time reskin the Lite Ui to the new visual brand both in dark mode and light.

The new Sushi logo and XSushi logo were designed by me and are currently being heavily used throughout the brand. The Bento-Box logo on the other hand was done in tandem with Chester.

Honestly the list never ends, so here is a tiny slice of some of the more interesting stuff.

What do I wish to accomplish?

Other than the “not so basic, basics” that I would be doing either way, I also have a few fairly big goals that I wish to pursue!

  • Firstly, I want to take charge and lead the way with NFT design. If done correctly NFT’s could really do great things for Sushi and its community. It should be way more than a cheap gimmick that comes and goes. This has been something I’ve spent a fair while researching and really hope to do something really dope!

  • Sushi visual brand over time has increasingly become more unfocused and split between different ideas for where we should be heading. This if unchecked can be devasting for the brand and can make us look organized, unfocused and even turn a great number of people away. Me and Chester hope to fix this by being the single point of contact for all major visual design decisions but also helping everyone to make sure we’re all on the same page and working towards the same visual standards.

  • OmakaseBar has been killing it so far on FI dashboard. But I do hope to work with him more, alongside Chester to iterate on the design and create something that blows our competitors out the water.

  • I want to experiment with creating crazy looking videos for social media, that merge live footage, after effects and 3d rendering to create something that shows our world but distorted by Sushi’s magical influence!


Compensation will be following the hiring guideline that Pedrowww is currently working on, alongside the community/0xNigiri. I trust he will nail it!

V2 of the hiring guideline can be found here; Sushi Hiring Guidelines V2

Find me at;

Discord: Kastrye #2011

Hire Kastrye?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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if you get me my emojis i wont take back my yes vote sir. :wink:


Was going to write something in the proposal just for you. lol

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I added v2 of the hiring guideline to the proposal. V3 is in the works but should be fairly close to this one.

Great job to date and more than deserved at this stage

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Kastrye has definitely heavily contributed to the direction of sushiswap’s visuals and is definitely deserving of credit.Talented artists are worth their weight, will be voting YES


Love this work, voted YES

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The design is great and all. But I am starting to miss the cute factor of SushiSwap… Just saying…


Beautiful graphics. You are very talented. Voted YES!

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I voted YES. I have seen tons of designs and UIs in my career and this guy absolutely nails it down. Good job.

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Hey all you fellow :sushi:,

My first altcoin was Sushi, and though I didn’t think much of it at the time (only 4weeks ago) I’m simply amazed by the community vibes digging deeper every day.

That said, I’d like very much to contribute in my own way. I’m not too down on programming and digital designing (although painting suits me wonderfully well) but I want to propose creating some music/soundtrack/jingles for the Sushi project.

I’m trained as a professional bassplayer but love working in Ableton as well (started with fruity loops some 11 years ago, good ol’ times…).
I think the new video content should definitely have it’s own special sounds/sauce, something uniquely different than a non-copyright backtrack. ; )

If this sounds like something you guys could use, I’d be more than happy to share some of the work that I’ve done. It’d be an honor to volunteer =)

Warm regards,

Good job @Kastrye ! Let’s go as a core team member. Absolutely YES!

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Kastrye has been my other half and the creative mastermind behind our far-out visuals - I’m looking forward to working with him more in the future, so having him officially onboarded is a no-brainer!

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Enjoyed working with kastrye and like all of the Sushi pics he designed!

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for real…
oh and also by the way

Did this ever get Snapshot’d? Kastrye needs to be the core designer for sure!