Team Proposal : Levx

Hello everyone,

I am happy to share that Levx the developer of & the lead on the limit order feature.

Sent me a proposal to become a core dev within Sushiswap

Here are the details :

I will mention the highlights (but I think it is worth reading)

  • full-stack developer with a strong passion for UI/UX design and skills ranging from web, app and backend development, including solidity.

  • strong work ethic : I’m usually awake between 4:00 GMT and 20:00 GMT. My working hours are flexible, but, on average, I work about 10 hours per day.

  • Location : East Asia :sushi:

  • Salary : 60k USDC + range of 250k-350k SUSHI streamed over

I could, of course, see the benefits of it as an investment asset, but looked at the technology as more of an infrastructural disruptor for society. These new technologies offer so many possibilities that it can make you feel like an anarchist, but more so I believe that they can change our future into a better one: A fully democratized world, without central authority.

Maki Thoughts :

I think this is a nobrainer for the project to hire someone that has been dedicated to the protocol and continue to be implicated, driven and responsive about Sushiswap.

His ethos resonate with mine and I believe that his salary even if it might seems high in SUSHI is a bullish bet he has stick with us and kept building while the price was at the very bottom.
(his salary was based on SUSHI price before the recent price action)

It would be streamed like the rest of the core team so only 1/12 would be released monthly and cancelled if he quits the project.

It is very difficult to find developers with his skillset willing to take a bet on such a new cryptoasset keep this in mind thank you.

Community Member Wasabi Thoughts :

I am more than happy to share my view here. I remember that @levx was not overwhelmingly welcomed at first when he posted his first lite.sushiswapfi here in this channel. Despite that, he kept adding the 1-click migration and Limit order as well with our leadership’s and member’s support. I was impressed by the quick and timely delivery of all the features he has delivered. I personally used his 1-click migration using my real money, which was smooth. I anticipate he will have to contribute to our project as a core dev. @0xMaki, Thanks for your leadership on this too!


Salary Range
  • 250k SUSHI
  • 275k SUSHI
  • 300k SUSHI
  • 325k SUSHI
  • 350K SUSHI

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  • Yes hire Levx
  • Yes with modifications
  • No should be compensated by grants only

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Would be great to have LevX onboard

Agreed. LevX would be a great asset.