Team Proposal mixmore in financial and operations and non-technical side

I am an active member in Sushi community and I am very interested about everything related to Sushi and a good follower to everything posted on the forum also I have posted many topics and ideas before

I believe in the potential of Sushi and its ability to be a pioneer in decentralized finance and in NFT and its ability to expand into other areas in crypto industry also I know about the problems and challenges that Sushi faces

So I think I have a background about Sushi’s strengths and weaknesses points (I had posted this before on the forum)

I know Sushi has a talented team but I think until now there is no member in team specialized in financial, accounting, operations, human resources and the non-technical side

And I think there is intention and desire to get a financial and operations manager

Through what was posted on the forum,medium and Discord, and through discussions between members in forum there is a desire to find someone develop this aspect

I hope to join the Sushi team as financial and operations manager – Job title doesn’t matter let’s say financial and operations officer

I want to join Sushi team to handle the accounting, financial, operations and non-technical aspects which may include many things and I want to help build the future of Sushi

I want to be part of the solution and not be new problem to be added to the problems that Sushi community is already facing

Therefore, I want to join at first for trial period without a contract, salary or commitment from Sushi to me.

If I was useful to sushi I will be a real team member with contract and salary but If I am not useful I will leave

I believe that I have the skills, experience and capabilities to help Sushi build more success,

and also believe that I can help in building solution to challenges and problems that Sushi face
I may be right and may be wrong
In both cases Sushi community will not lose anything because there will be a trial period
If I am not the right person, then I will leave without costing Sushi any money.

Now about me

Active member in Sushi forum to know more about me please from my account on forum read the topics I have previously posted before

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Accounting Department in 2005

I am 39 years old

I worked for many years as an accountant and operations officer in multiple activities and companies

I held the position of Accounting Manager, Financial and Operations Manager before in some companies

I have great experience and excellent financial skills and have knowledge of financial accounting, financial analysis, cost accounting, preparing financial statements, managing financial risks, financial analysis, preparing budgets, forecasting, financial models, financial planning, taxes and accounting standards

I have experience in accounting for restaurants, tourism, commercial companies, factories and contracting

I am excellent programmer Specialist in accounting and management software and I previously had my own business in the field of accounting and management software but it end now-I built complex and large programs that are used by many companies in many countries

I create complete ERP program before no exaggeration - yes I create a complete ERP program before

Anyone can watch some of my programs on my YouTube channel
My youtube channel

I have a very great passion and interest in the crypto industry,NFT non fungible token, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, and the decentralized web. web3,metaverse
I have a deep knowledge in the field of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Web3
and of course interested in Sushi

I have a very good background about crypto industry and blockchain and also I have a background about Sushi this will certainly help me in build the best financial, accounting and operations system suitable for Sushi

I already have some ideas and a vision of what should be built in Sushi
but of course if I was inside Sushi my vision would be more accurate and complete

I can use my software experience to build tools that help in my work and in the automation financial and management processes

In addition to my long experience in the field of accounting and operations
I also worked in other fields I had my own business in the field of accounting software,
and I worked as a freelance for a while, and I also worked in e-marketing.

Through a long journey in several fields, I acquired a variety of skills and experiences, and it is difficult to meet in one person.
I have a variety of skills and experiences such as accounting, programming, e-marketing, operations,human resources, graphic design, systems analysis, business intelligence ,automation, content writing , marketing research, training teams, working with different nationalities and also other skills

Anyone can download my CV from this link on Google Drive

I believe in DAO and decentralization system and I believe in the ability of Sushi community to make the right decision

If Sushi really needed someone to handle the finances and operations and community ready to try me in this position for a trial period this topic will pass the heat temperature check

I am open to discussion with the community and ready to answer any questions and to communicating with anyone to give more information about me

Team Proposal mixmore
  • Yes Sushi need financial and operations manager let’s try mixmore in this role
  • No Sushi not need financial and operations manager no need to try mixmore

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