Team Proposal: Miya


Hello world! I joined Sushi as WAKIITA and have been managing SushiSwap’s PR/Marketing since Sept 2020. I have been a passionate and contributing member of SushiSwap since day 1. You may have seen my posts on discord (@Miya#7795) and SushiSwap Wechat official account (SushiMiya). This proposal is to discuss my ongoing responsibilities, onboarding the core team officially, and base salary.

What have I accomplished on SushiSwap team:

  1. Onboarded SushiSwap as a wakiita to help SushiSwap PR/Marketing since 9/18/2020
  2. Helping with SushiSwap Global PR/Marketing:
    a. Created two “SushiSwap Global PR/Marketing Campaign Proposals” including strategies to increase user growth and retention using paid and organic social media, advertising strategies and Chinese Marketing Strategy. Proposal Link
    b. Published 40 press posts on SushiSwap Discord “press” channel
    c. Worked with marketing team (Chester & Kastrye) on publishing SushiChef twitter posts for two weeks in Oct 2020
    d. Created PR article template for Bento Go-live and interview questions to core team involved in Bento development
  3. Leading China PR/Marketing since Oct 2020
    a. Created and managed SushiSwap Wechat Official Account since 9/23/2020 and have achieved 2050 organic subscribers (*migrating the account to a better platform/wechat business account due to WeChat new restrictions/rules).
    b. Published 25 SushiSwap Chinese official announcements, marketing analysis, project progress, China community proposal posts on wechat official account
    c. Participated at “DELIMAX BTS China meetup” on 10/25/2020 with Maki as his SushiSwap presentation translator
    d. Led SushiSwap LITE website translations and Bento Medium article with great help from China volunteers (thank you) and help with SushiSwap PRO translations
  4. Managing China Volunteers since Nov 2020
    a. Recruited and managed 10+ volunteers to complete weekly volunteer tasks including writing articles and translations
    b. Published 10+ SUSHI analytical articles & translations submitted by volunteers
    c. Communicating with and training volunteers extensively and initiated the Volunteer DAO program starting from 1/11
    d. Successfully hosted two China Volunteers AMA meetings on 11/14/2020 and 1/9/2021
    e. Facilitating communications between volunteers and core team
  5. Have been coordinating SushiSwap core team weekly meetings since 9/22/2020
  6. Support dev team on expanding their product into China Market thru helping create go-live PR official announcement, adding Chinese language to product website and providing Chinese users’ feedback to dev team

What I would like to contribute to SushiSwap ongoing and my time allocation:

  1. PR/Marketing:(35%)
    a. Continue to lead SushiSwap China PR/Marketing and extend the strategies which have been proved effectively in the China market to a Global PR/marketing
    b. Support dev team on expanding the global market for the products they develop through PR announcements, media posts, website translations and many other advanced marketing strategies.
    c. Evaluate external PR agencies and media organizations and define the ones which fit the best of SushiSwap’s business needs. Make sure they perform a good quality of work for SushiSwap.
  2. Operations work:(30%)
    a. Improve coordination between multiple teams and communications between core team and community
    b. Implement proposal submission & review standard process. Review newly submitted proposals on Forum weekly, communicate with core team for any urgent or critical proposals and help prioritize proposals to go for final voting on Snapshot
    c. Create organization structure, team roles & responsibilities
    d. Coordinate weekly core team meetings, community AMAs and Onsen AMAs
  3. Business Development: (30%)
    a. Responsible for initial evaluation on whether a potential partnership is valuable to Sushi when Sushi is approached with a partnership opportunity
    b. Based on initial evaluation, to prioritize SushiSwap’s business development and partnership opportunities with Chef and core team
    c. Expand SushiSwap’s partnership and maintain good relationships with all of our existing partners
  4. Any other tasks when the core team needs help with (5%)

When and how you can reach out to me:

I normally work between 5pm-9pm pacific time (8AM-12AM, China time) on weekdays and more flexible time on weekends.
I can be reached out via Discord “Miya#7795” (preferred) or Wechat “SushiMiya” or email “”. Prefer Discord & Email

What is my background:

I entered blockchain in late 2016 and founded a blockchain media/branding strategy company based in Silicon Valley and China. I have hosted 3 global blockchain conferences with 100+ speakers, 500+ blockchain companies and 2000+ attendees in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in Silicon Valley. I co-organized a Finance Blockchain conference in Xiamen, China in 2019. I have been successfully providing PR and branding strategies to several crypto projects around the world for more than 4 years.
I have 7 yrs’ experiences in project & process management and enterprise strategic planning. I have a strong Engineering background with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from China and a master’s degree in system engineering from the US. I love solving problems, establishing new processes and putting together new project teams. I know how to achieve the right mix of skills and experience of a team. My greatest value will be to bring people together to create something new and exciting like our SushiSwap!

Fun facts about myself:

I likes dog but has a cat named Seamus who is almost 11 yr.’s old
I likes swimming in the sea however realized sea is too cold after moving to San Francisco
I like to make friends with diverse culture background
I got 5 parking tickets within 2 months after moving to San Francisco :frowning:
I love painting, singing and dancing but not good at it lol
I got the 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccination and waited for the 2nd dose to be free to travel to China after working from home for almost 1 year in the US!!

What will be my base salary:

I commit to work for about 30 hours a week (40 hours for a typical full-time job). Based on the Hiring Guidelines and working hours, I would like to be compensated with a base salary to 65%-75% of a full-time Sushi Comms/Ops/Business employee. I also commit to be onboard as a full-time employee in near future ASAP when I am able to per my Visa situation.
*The base salary of full-time Comms/Ops/Business will be determined by what is adopted in the official Sushi Hiring Guidelines proposal.

Should Sushi Hire me?
    • Yes, with a base salary of 75% of full-time employee for 30 work hours/week
    • Yes, with a base salary of 65% of full-time employee for 25 work hours/week
    • No, should not hire

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Very detailed breakdown of your contribution. I especially like the part where you share a little bit about yourself. Makes it an overall more human experience haha…

Based on what I see, seems like SushiSwap is really looking to build a base in China. Curious… what is the Chinese’s general sentiment towards SUSHI?

I really appreciate Miya on a personal and work level.
I love what she is doing in terms of organization and think she would be a great addition.

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Have been working with Miya for some time now - love all her ideas she contributes and all the work she does to keep us all organized. She would be a wonderful addition to the team!

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Thanks SushiALLDay for your question. Nowadays, Chinese users get more familiar with our platform and they have more positive attitude towards SUSHI than a few months ago. China community recognizes Sushi’s progress, team work and now they show more willing to support SUSHI for long-term. Generally speaking, we have achieved a better branding in China community.


Has been nothing but supporting to everyone in Sushi!

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Hi Sushieater,

I like your name “Sushieater”. We all enjoy eating Sushi lol. Thanks a lot for your support and voting for 65%!
That is a fair question regarding 75%. Totally agree it is impossible to do two jobs from 8-4pm. Need to focus to keep good quality work! Fortunately, my current work has a fixed schedule so I will be able to work for 4-5 hours every day from late afternoon to evening in my timezone which will be morning in China- perfect time for me to communicate with Chinese community :slight_smile: And I am more flexible and can fully focus on Sushi on weekends.In this way, it will sum up to 30 hours a week. I have been testing this schedule since last Sept when I joined Sushi and it works well so far:)
To be honest, I am also deciding on 30 hours or 25 hours myself… I am happy with your vote for 65% (25 hrs) as in this way, I will have some time for rest and have fun :slight_smile: So I will fully rely on the community’s vote to decide how many hours I need to work.:grinning:

Keep in touch and thanks again for your support!


Would be great if you could present the community with some KPI’s on how the marketing is going. What worked, what did not, where we’re getting the new users from and so forth.

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Thank you Supadupa for the great suggestions! Will let the marketing team know.



Green light for @SushiMiya @ 75% 牛年大吉!

Happy Chinese New Year!