Team Proposal : OmakaseBar + JiroOno

We need to grow the team before moving forward I’d like to share a brief draft of OmakaseBar and JiroOno bio. so I can have a community consensus to keep the process transparent.

They have been involved since the start of the project and have been doing a lot of work on the current product and future UI. I think it made sense to have both join the team in a full time manner to consolidate our efforts and to ensure things keep moving.

Here is a short bio/proposal of OmakaseBar :

Here is the bio of JiroOno :

Hello I’m Jiro Ono, an anon developer that has contributed throughout the space
under various pseudo names. Anonymity is important to me, and I believe it
one of the important pillars in crypto which is why I choose to stay anon for the
time being.

TLDR - I consider myself a full stack engineer, with a unique skillset
in big data and machine learning. A wearer of many hats, and I have extensive
experience working with many different languages/technologies.Have been a
follower and contributor in crypto for a number of years, and a big believer in
decentralized/community owned projects.

Though I am anon, I believe it is important to give the community my complete
background (minus the specific details), and to stay as transparent I can. So
here’s my story:

Started programming when I was 13, and currently have 15 years of experience
under my belt working in several industries and with various tech stacks.

In my early days, I started with scripting languages to develop bots that I’m
sure many of you saw being used on various social media sites to help with
many affiliate marketing campaigns I operated.

Started my first successful project when I was in my later teens, that involved
working with several freelancers to help build out the platform. This is where I
first became accustomed to the open source, and freelancing community.

I then went to school in the States, and completed my Masters in Computer Engineering
with a focus in big data and machine learning. During my time in uni, I worked for
a startup centered around machine learning and helped build out some of the key
data pipelines and ml interfaces.

After uni, I got a job in cefi with a well known bank. I worked in the ML
department, and specifically worked on a crucial product that is still used today
to determine the risk levels of potential customers. This is where I initially became
frustrated with the legacy banking system, and discovered crypto currencies.

While working for this bank, a couple of other devs and I started a
crypto project right before the big boom of 2017. After starting this project,
I decided to leave my job to focus full time on the endeavor. Though it was quite
the ride working in the space during the bull market, we didn’t make it through the
crash and ended up dissolving the project due to lack of funds.

Since then, I’ve worked on various part time projects within ML and the crypto
space. Where my focus/attention has primarily been in Ethereum, and web3 technologies.
I’ve bounced around quite a bit during this time frame, and up until sushi was
primarily building stuff for my own use.

So why am I here, and why do I want to become a core member of SushiSwap?

For one, the complete decentralization and community driven aspect is very
enticing for me. I’m a big believer in community owned projects, and the power
of the community is quite special.

The resiliency of the community and the group of volunteers that devoted
a lot of their time during the pre/post migration phase. Truly a special moment
to witness, and especially working with all of the others behind the scenes on
the successful migration.

A kick ass project, something I’m sure you all are aware of. But it’s worth
highlighting, because the opportunity ahead of us is something we as a community
should truly be excited to be a part of.

Overall, my aspirations for this project are quite high and I couldn’t think of
a much better use of my time then to commit fully to the SushiSwap community.
The community aspect is quite valuable, and I as one of the lead devs want to
make sure that we get a system in place that streamlines the process for others
to get involved and contribute in a decentralized/secure manner.

I’d like to have some feedback and thoughts on both and if community is willing to move forward.

In my opinion they are exceptional candidates and some might have asked why this wasn’t posted before, I needed to have all of the elements presented here before moving forward while respecting a small cooldown period and no-pressure environment for both.

  • Yes hire both
  • Yes but some tweaks
  • No

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What would be Jiro’s compensation?

Also, I think Sushi part of the compensation should be vested longer than a year and caped to 100K.

My 2 cents

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I don’t think it works like that… this is OmakaseBar’s offer… you can’t really negotiate with a community of thousands of people. That’s why Maki has done the negotiations.

OmakaseBar build a kick-ass UI in record time, clearly is a self-starter (very hard to find) and has deep technical knowledge and skill and an ability to deliver and innovate. He also believed in Sushi while it was being dragged through the mud and stuck with it…

If you don’t think we should adequately compensate him and that he won’t bring that kind of value to Sushi, you can vote against it, but I’ll be voting: Hell, yeah! I know firsthand how hard it is to find good developers, and it’s even harder to find those who can manage themselves.


Fully support these two, they have shown nothing but passion for the project and we would not be where we are right now without them. Bringing them on can only do good for us!


I agree. And to clarify, I’m on board with the 100K/y salary + vested Sushi but TBH, 200K vested for 1Y is too high, or it should be vested for longer.


Both of them have been amazing and have helped keep the project moving forward and should be rewarded. Could we extend the vesting schedule to 18 months if we agree to the 200k Sushi? Other than that my vote is to get them on board full time ASAP.

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Omakasebar is top-notch. Thank you guys. SushiSwap will gain with you as a part of the team. Your efforts and devotion must be rewarded. For sure the community is interested in long-term relationships so 24 months sound like a reasonable thing. Though even a year here is a universe.

This is a no-brainer proposal as they say. Hire both ASAP.

Thank to both of you. I totally agree about the hiring and compesation for OmasakeBar :wink:

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Sorry everyone I forgot to include my compensation in the proposal, but I believe receiving the same amount as Omakase is fair for my contributions.


Thanks to both of you for your availability to continue working full time for the growth of this innovative project. I am sure the vote will be almost 100% in favor with the quorum reached in max. one day.
Lets move on and keep building !

All the best !

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These two have contributed immensely - total no-brainer they deserve to be onboarded and compensated for all their hard work and expertise

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If they need 200k SUSHI vested over a year to leave their work, I’m happy to give them the whole 200k…happy devs work better.
Also, those salaries might look enormous for non-US people but as far as I know, a junior dev in the US gets paid 100k$ per year.
So 100k$ + vested tokens (which could be worth nothing in a year or two if we don’t cut inflation) looks fair to me, considering these people have to leave their job.
Honestly, I wouldn’t leave my job and risk my ass to work on a 3-4 weeks old crypto project if I don’t get rewarded for it
I’m ok with the productivity reward for


Proposal is live here :

I could have made tweaks to the final proposal for the vesting but I believe it is appropriate for the first year considering they are both taking a lower USD base salary.


it says pending under snapshot, and seems like voting is not implemented yet

Voting opens sometime tomorrow

You can now vote.

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