Team Proposal : Pedrowww

With this proposal, I would like to put my profile forward for a full-time position on the SushiSwap Operations Team. I currently run a communications agency I founded, but made all the necessary arrangements with my partners to transition swiftly and work consistently and efficiently on SushiSwap’s development.

First things first, who am I?

I’m the founder and General Manager of a boutique content agency, currently working with a rotating pool of around 40 freelancers for a roster of 20+ clients (ranging from Fortune 500 to well-funded startups). I also worked in-house for leading global brands and advertising agencies for nearly a decade prior. I know how the big guns do it, and I know how to bring it to SushiSwap.

I’m experienced in both the creative and operational sides of the business. I’m trained in business management and corporate finance. I’ve also been heavily involved in the recruitment of creative and operations talents.

I’ve been involved with crypto since 2016 and I’ve built an extensive network of crypto-friendly creatives in all fields and gained the support of seasoned crypto professionals (mostly in France).

On the personal side, I’m a Krav Maga black belt, a beekeeping enthusiast, and an avid motorcyclist!

My contributions to the project

I like to think of myself as a Sushi early bird. I’ve been a liquidity provider on SushiSwap since August 30 and absolutely fell for the underlying philosophy of the project and its energy. I enthusiastically stuck around during its darkest days and truly admired the resilience of the Core Team and the community as a whole.

Most of you know me from Discord, where I’ve spent lots of time chatting, helping newcomers fathom what we’re all about, and joyfully acting as a customer support rep. I’ve also helped to coordinate the several talents that came forward to help with translations. A proud Frenchie, I also translated all our education supports, as well as the lite UI.

I’ve made sure our key resources like #FAQ, #useful-links (I wrote both) and our docs were always up to date and accessible enough to make everyone’s SushiSwap’s journey a breeze.

But my role spans beyond Discord as I’ve tapped into my network of creatives and writers to elevate SushiSwap’s content (I’m currently working hand in hand with Timon to design our Sushi character illustrations and more upcoming fun stuff—stay tuned!)

I’ve also taken an active role in the project’s operations, streamlining processes, reporting bugs and community requests, drafting proposals (the upcoming hiring guidelines). I’ve also strived to look at the project as part of a larger ecosystem, creating fruitful bridges between projects (Pie DAO, APY vision, Monolith, Token Fighters, Messari) and communities (DeFi France) and I intend to step up my game even more :slight_smile:

My desired scope of work

I have high hopes for the project, and I’m ready to put in the work and energy to see it succeed. I’m lucky enough to be a jack of all trades, so I took the liberty of detailing a comprehensive list of projects I’d like to spearhead in this role, tapping our current talent pool and complementing with fresh external talent if we do not have yet the resources.

Community & Growth Management:

  • Build community spirit: Keep the SushiSwap community engaged, positive, and informed by ensuring an ongoing, helpful, and consistent presence across the Sushi ecosystem (Discord, Twitter, forum, etc.).
  • Coordinate, manage, and organize the Discord: Turn it into a showcase for our industriousness and enthusiasm, and make it a reliable source of information and support for newcomers and OGs alike.
  • Identify growth opportunities and build relationships with projects in and outside the DeFi space.


Share valuable insights about the latest developments in the DeFi space. Help users make the best of the platform and its capabilities and help the community as a whole grow its expertise and understanding of DeFi’s potential.

  • Create a weekly newsletter featuring Sushi news, DeFi insights, interesting long reads, etc.(in touch with Mr. Bento)
  • Organize video call series with prospective partners (Moonbeam, etc.) to clarify projects, roadmap, benefits for Sushi, and more
  • Produce videos to address high-impact trends in the DeFi space
  • Amp up the podcast and use it as an educational tool about what’s going on at Sushi/in DeFi and clarify some key concepts (Layer 2, IL, composability, etc.)
  • Package all this content in a dedicated platform (Sushi Academy)

Brand Advisory:

Consult with Sushi’s Marketing and Creative team members to build Sushi’s brand and make it a relatable, trusted, far-reaching one.

  • Create proper Brand Guidelines and define Sushi’s voice, tone, personality, visual identity (editorial + creative)
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of SushiSwap’s ecosystem to ensure consistency
  • Advise on and produce special projects aimed at boosting SushiSwap’s notoriety and visibility (merch, creative partnerships)

Content Strategy:

Initiate an engaging content strategy to raise awareness about Sushi’s brand and agenda.

  • Develop a pool of talented, expert producers to turn SushiSwap into a premium content powerhouse
  • Involve the community by hosting creative contests
  • Develop Sushiswap’s NFT strategy with Creative and Dev Teams
  • Package and push all aforementioned educational content

Thought Leadership:

Make Sushi a trusted, relevant, and expert actor in the DeFi space by leveraging consistent, honest, and diversified coverage.

  • Amp up media/social media/podcast presence post-Bento release
  • Launch a Sushiswap grant to support promising Ethereum projects/actors
  • Participate in key digital (and hopefully physical) events
  • Publicize our educational content

Operational Support:

Ongoing recommendations on process optimizations. Active coordination between different teams (Marketing, Dev, volunteers, outsiders).


Contribute to content creation on various platforms (website, social media, press, marketing/comms)


Short and sweet: I intend to abide by the hiring guidelines :slight_smile:

I really hope my application caught your attention and that you’ve appreciated the work I’ve put into the project over the last few months. I’m really looking forward to putting my energy, network, experience, and drive at the service of SushiSwap’s success.
If you want to chat about what you’ve just read, feel free to reach out to me on Discord (Pedrowww #8870), Telegram (@pedrowww) or Twitter (@Cryptopedrowww).
Thank you!

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I will be pretty straightforward, I’ve always thought that Pedro, Miya and Chester were already part of the team :sweat_smile:

It kinda surprises me that we haven’t hired them before because they’ve been working hard since the beginning.
Hiring them should be a no-brainer, maybe we could go with a single snapshot proposal to make things easier?


I’ve work with Pedrowww on the hiring guideline and he is solid.
He has a good understanding of management and will clearly be a good addition to the team.
Like @zafalijadev said, it already feels like he is part of the team. :grin:


I think this a no brainer, a top class operator

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Similar to others, I have no disagreements here. SushiSwap could always use a solid operator to drive this protocol to the next level.


The support and effort Pedrowww has shown the past 5 months is undeniable and can’t wait to see what he does in the future!


Pedrowww has been a driving force and has stepped in to be the glue holding together a lot of things going on at once, so his help and expertise is needed! Would love to see him officially onboarded.

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I love the idea for a sushi academy. I hope to collaborate with you on ideas for the newsletter and defi deep dives.

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Not the most active guy here, but fully support this proposal

A lot of work to do !

Also happy to give a hand and help with the French comm/growth/education side !

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Hey Orionmuir. DM me and let’s share ideas :slight_smile:


Full support for Pedrowww, an asset to the community.

Small update here, the community really seems to say yes. Where is the formal snapshot for this?

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Full support, he has been awesome to the discord community