Team Proposal: Surreal "Merchandise and NFT Strategy"

Hey, Sushi lovers, I’m Surreal!

UI/UX designer and streetwear brand founder from the UK.

I’m proposing to join Sushi to pursue merchandising and NFT strategy. To design, manufacture, and sell physical Sushi merchandise which serves as a foray into the nascent NFT market.

What have I got in mind? (URL up for debate) will sell merchandise, including clothing (hoodies, t-shirts etc.), accessories (hats, socks etc.), and collectables (trading cards, figurines etc.).

I propose that with each physical item sold, a partnering NFT is transferred to the buyer, whether it be a unique digital version of the item in 2D or 3D, as a gif, or mp4 with audio.

A further enhancement would be to add gamification. Perhaps by introducing profiles, a secondary marketplace, and a visual database like OpenSea to track the price and trade history of each item.

Just as the streetwear market today pulls on the strings of limited supply and high demand. Every item sold will have a limited supply and will never be reproduced.

It won’t be a meme. It will be a store of value, full of legit collectables, bridging the gap between physical and virtual.

Collections will have a nostalgic and familiar feeling. Suitable for all cultures and all genders. All items will be a statement of fun.

Website design and merch ideas

Click here for video demo on Vimeo

NFT design ideas

Should be independent of the physical item in my opinion. The website needs to embrace 3D elements.

For example

Why I’m fit for this role?

Well versed in streetwear history. From the early 90s to current day. Been a reseller of sneakers and rare items since 2012.
Interned at The Walt Disney Company in 2017 as part of the apparel licensing team. Worked with brands like H&M, Hype and Levi’s who licensed the use of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars material.
Founded a streetwear brand when I was 17, handling every aspect of the business. Experienced in making cut and sew clothing, communicating with suppliers, creating marketing material. A good relationship with clothing printers who print and distribute for PewDiePie.
Good sense of emerging trends. E.g. cryptocurrencies mid-2017 (Ethereum), NFT’s mid-2017 (Cryptokitties) and DeFi mid-2020 (Uniswap).
Enjoy keeping up with what’s relevant in the world of collectables - often find lowkey artists on Instagram before they gain popular attention.

Moonshots… what if we can collaborate with the likes of Bape, Futura, Obey, Medicom Bearbrick, Fragment, Chinatown Market, g-shock, Off-White, Gucci, Murakami, Funko Pop. Just to name a few. Staple names in the mainstream merchandise and collecting community. They have exposure to major online publications, and so would be huge for Sushi brand and further adoption of the Sushi platform.

Product ideas


Curate the marketplace (NFTs and physical goods)
UI and UX design of the marketplace (open to collaborating with the team)
Plan, design, manufacture and distribute physical goods
Seek artists to collaborate on designs (NFTs and physical)

Outsourced jobs/assistance needed with

Engineering the front-end and back-end
Marketing - using Sushi social channels
Access to design assets
3D and motion design


There are currently no guidelines for this job role and I respect this is may not be a key priority for the team at this time. However, product development takes time and should be planned at least 6 months to 12 months in advance.

I’m also aware Kastrye wants to lead the way with NFT design. I hope we can collaborate for Sushi’s future.

I’d like the community to decide whether this project goes ahead and what my compensation would be.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to make a poll. Maybe an admin could help with this?
Even so, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Find me at
Discord: surreal#7625


Selling merch physically would either require LLC or a whole bout of trust to whichever individual would be responsible for shipping orders and not running away with the money.

Interesting proposal, wonder what the rest of community thinks.

How about starting small and expand from there? Maybe a T-shirt or a hoodie? I am definitely looking forward to copping some SUSHI wear.

I think starting small is definitely the play.

One item at a time. Build momentum. Expand when capable.

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i think some limited edition NFT’s with physical burn option like UNISOCKS would be really cool and be popular. Like a Sushi wooden plate, sushi glass bottle (for sake), Sushi chef headband. Maybe get some artist to design them. I think a full apparel store is a bit much.

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I like the idea, would be good to have Kastrye & Chester involved with you on this.

I know they are cooking something with Metafactory so might want to coordinate for “official” merch but you are welcome to do community merch on your own and we will support in some ways via socials and a small grant.


Hi Maki, do you mind if I DM you on twitter?