The idea of developing a sushi Chinese community

The idea of developing a sushi Chinese community My idea is to develop a Chinese community to promote sushi, because China is a very promising country. Most of us have entered the middle class now. We have enough money to invest, but we don’t have good investment channels and don’t know sushi. Now I really hope to establish a sushi Chinese community to develop Sushi! But now the sushi community is not friendly to our country’s customers, and there is no Chinese interface. It is very difficult to visit the sushi community in China. I hope to build a Chinese sushi community to solve this problem


MDEX growth rapidly
SUSHI can also become the worth service for Chinese users

Yes, but I hope sushi will go up to $500

It is already on.

Feel free to contribute on top of it.

Welcome to join our chinese community on wechat.

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