The Sushi Forum Official Thread

Hey guys just remaking a thread to get a proper title.
Original thread: [Untitled] Weekly Community Podcast/livestream

The Sushi Forum

The Sushi Forum is a weekly podcast intended to cover the news, proposals and ecosystem developments for the Sushiswap Community.
The calls are held live each Monday, 8am PST, (converts to 4pm UTC & 12pm UTC+8 (Asia), in the Sushiswap discord #voice_lounge channel. Anybody is welcome to join each week to simply listen or to discuss and debate certain proposals or even bring up any topic/concern they wish to discuss.

You can find the Youtube channel The Sushi Forum - YouTube

You can find the weekly agendas here to know what topics we cover each episode GitHub - Magicturtle12/sushisphere

I’ll be updating this thread each week after the recording is uploaded, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here!


The upcoming Sushi Forum will be held on Monday, December 29th at 9PM PST. We’ll be discussing the oneSUSHI proposal for a sushi-backed stablecoin built ontop of @ichifarm ( with some of the IchiFarm team members. Aswell as touching on the Hiring Proposal for BoringCrypto and any other topics brought up.


Episode 12 of the Sushi Forum can be listened to here and the show notes are here


Keep up the good work @magicturtle!

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Just an update, apologies there was no sushi forum this week and last week. I recorded an episode last week by myself but ended up disliking how it turned out. I don’t think I was able to properly discuss the topics I wanted to riding solo, so I’ll be putting the show on hold until I find someone to co-host. I’ve got two people who notified me they’re interested and just waiting on them to follow up. I am currently hoping to be able to host a sushi forum this upcoming Monday, but will update on Friday.


As pointed out by 0xChop on twitter, the time slot chosen could be better accomodating for European community members.

Going forward The Sushi Forum will be held 4pm UTC (Europe), which equates to 8 am PST (West coast US) & 12pm UTC+8 (Asia) as suggested. Lets get this sushi party started :slight_smile:

Sushi Forum Update

Hey guys I’m happy to announce @orionmuir has decided to come on as my co-host for the Sushi Forum going forward. Additionally the upcoming Sushi Forum on January 25th is being rescheduled for 3PM PST. This is to to better accommodate our new co-host but is also a shot in the dark at the best time for everyone else.

Please provide feedback on the timeslots that works best for you, choose up to three. Whether you plan on attending or not this is valuable feedback :slight_smile:

Best time slot
  • 10pm-11pm UTC
  • 11pm-12pm UTC
  • 12pm-1am UTC
  • 1am-2am UTC
  • 2am-3am UTC
  • 3am-4am UTC
  • 4am-5am UTC
  • none of these :frowning:

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Short announcement the next Sushi Forum will be held at 9PM UTC, Monday.

You can catch last weeks Onsen AMA here: Onsen AMA ft. 88MPH - YouTube

and last week’s sushi forum episode here: The Sushi Forum Episode 17 - YouTube

This week’s Sushi Forum Episode is up! We discussed treasury management and had two Yam developers on to discuss a new product, DAO House, which is intended to be a DAO treasury diversification and management protocol. They’ve got good ideas but I’d love to hear from the larger sushi community on their opinions regarding a Sushi House. Big thanks again to Yam for coming out to give some of the sushi community a better understanding.

Just a heads up and reminder that the upcoming and all planned sushi forums will be held at 9PM UTC(1PM PST) every monday.

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Sushi Forum Episode 22 is now uploaded!

Here is a short timestamp guide for different sections, let me know if you’d like deeper/more precise timestamps

bonsai discussion:
Community question about SBF’s governance weight:
Discussion about YCabal proposal:
section covering the past weeks sushi-related news:

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The Sushi Forum Episode 23 is uploaded on youtube; Be advised The Sushi Forum happens every Thursday at 9PM UTC. Rescheduled from every Monday. Thanks to everyone who participated this week! “It takes a village…” and all that cheesy stuff. Talk to you guys next week