Totem NFT intends to lock 700 ETH in Sushiswap pool forever

Totem NFT ( redefines the concept of yield generation in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). One of the main problems in DeFi protocols is the ridiculously high cost of Gas at Ethereum network. Totem technologies reducing the friction of smart-contracts interaction using Non-fungible tokens (NFT). Now users don’t need to spend Gas for Stake, Unstake, or Claim rewards. And don’t need to hold ERC20 tokens in the wallet to earn rewards.

There are two kinds of tokens in Totem:

$TEM (Fungible ERC20 tokens, Max supply: 4,316,539 TEM)

Verified smart-contract: 0xae95dC56a480ba3B1830cB760B43633D3f87Aa17 :white_check_mark:

$TOTEM NFT (Non-fungible tokens, Max supply 100 TOTEM)

Verified smart-contract: 0x6655928F8137B5044d48Aa6D767028E69e81DF59 :white_check_mark:

The system works by applying a 1% fee for each $TEM transaction and splitting this commission among all current TOTEM NFT owners instantly.

TOTEM smart rules

  • Only 100 TOTEM will be released ever;

  • Each TOTEM will be offered for sale through decentralized auctions, one by one;

  • Only TEM tokens accepted to buy TOTEM during the auction;

  • All TEM tokens used in auctions will be burned;

  • Each TOTEM auction lasts for two days. If there are no one bids during the auction, it will be extended until the first bid placed;

  • Min. auction price for the first TOTEM is 500 TEM. Min. price for each next TOTEM will be 5% more expensive than the previous one;

  • To get TEM rewards you must be an owner of one of the TOTEM. All TOTEM owners receive an equal share of the total reward. If you have more than one TOTEM, you will receive the same part of the reward as the owner of one TOTEM. More TOTEMs do not mean more rewards;

  • After the 50th TOTEM will be distributed through auction, Smart pool for Lending and Borrowing will be launched.

$TEM tokens distribution:

  • Max supply: 4,316,539 TEM

  • ILO allocation (Collected funds will be locked forever at Sushiswap liquidity pool): 1,305,012 TEM

  • Sushiswap liquidity locked: 1,305,012 TEM

  • Smart pool (liquidity locked for lending to TOTEM owners): 1,305,012 TEM

  • Marketing, team: 401,503 TEM (50% locked)

Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering $TEM date: April 2nd - April 16th, 2021

100 % ETH raised liquidity lock

265 Years lock duration

50 ETH Softcap

700 ETH Hardcap

Price: 1864 TEM per ETH

Pre Sale Unicrypt link

TOTEM NFT distribution will started on April 16th, 2021 through decentralized auctions on ur website ( ). Starting price for 1st TOTEM: 500 TEM.


:white_check_mark: March 25th, 2021. Mainnet launched

:white_check_mark: March 25th, 2021. TOTEM NFT Distribution platform launched

:white_check_mark: Audit done Totem Audit - Solidity Finance

:white_check_mark: Etherscan project info updated ($TEM token, $TOTEM NFT)

:arrows_counterclockwise: April 2nd - April 16th, 2021. $TEM PreSale - Initial Liquidity Offering on Unicrypt launchpad, All collected ETH will be locked in Sushiswap liquidity pool through launchpad smart-contracts)

:arrows_counterclockwise: April 16th, 2021. Sushiswap listing. Win-win cooperation.

:stopwatch: April 16th, 2021. $TOTEM NFT start distribution through auctions (one by one)

:stopwatch: Around August 1st, 2021. Lend and Borrow. Lending and Borrowing will be available after 50th TOTEM NFT will be sold

:stopwatch: After August 1st, 2021. Totem shares system. Exploring the need for a TOTEM to have multiple owners with different shares (due to the high price)