Transition into Advisor

Sers, Chadette, They.

Last week I became an advisor at over the past year we had a crazy journey going from launching a yield farm to migrating almost over a billion dollars in the very first “vampire attack” from Uniswap to Sushiswap.

Experimenting with human greed when Chef Nomi decided to “rug pull” the community before sending back the funds. Falling into the abyss before rising back when many community members not only believed in the initial values being distilled from day 1 in this project but decided to keep on building against all odds.

We are now over 20+ core contributors, were able to unite all of UI into one, launched 2 more protocols Kashi & Miso, deployed on over 10+ EVM compatible chains (Polygon, Arbitrum, Fantom, Harmony, xDai, Avalanche, Moonriver and more just to name a few.) A new NFT endeavor almost released (, Trident being open source a few days ago I feel confident that the current team in place will be able to pursue and grow this project without me.

I’ll be moving away from day-to-day operations into an advisory role to help foster the next generation of teams building on top of Sushi, supporting from the sideline, and helping without affiliation the broader DeFi ecosystem regardless of where they are deployed. I still believe strongly in the Ethereum community especially with Layer 2 coming online. The most exciting primitives and experiments are being built there first but keen to experiment and help in other places as well.

I’ve always strived for Sushi to be leaderless with my role being contributor I hope no one tries to put anyone on a pedestal to “lead” Sushi and encourage decentralization as much as possible there is a few things that are crucial to complete like on-chain governance, referral program for the various products (Kashi & Trident!), oSushi for orienting emission in a transparent manner and so much more.

Sushi/ETH LP & xSushi holders have one of the best DeFi team at their service and should make sure to leverage them as much as possible.

I’d like to remain on the treasury multisig but if this isn’t desired by the community ready to step back there after a snapshot vote.

I hope the community doesn’t forget about :

  • All the double incentives programs
  • New protocols
  • Sushi isn’t Maki & Maki isn’t Sushi
  • MOVR liquidity mining program you are responsible for how to operate the funds (0.25% of the supply! almost 10m$ at current price)
  • Championing Avalanche Rush incentives - Polygon - xDai - Celo (over 75m$ in deals for our LPs)
  • All the funds onboarded into this community believing in this vision of DeFi.
  • The amazing projects launched first on Sushi and will most likely keep on being launched here!
  • Scaling this team from 1-2 → 24 :partying_face:
  • Keep Sushi fun, open, degen & radically different.

The future of France has never looked brighter!

On a personal level, I’ve put Sushi before my physical & mental health, my relationships, my family, and my friends. I’ll be slowing down for the next month or two. Building on top of Sushi is certainly in the box, I sadly won’t be shitposting on Twitter might de-anonymize a bit? Writing a book on everything that went on in-depth… Who doesn’t want a “The Social Network” based on Sushi/DeFi from Hollywood? kek. I’ll probably fractionalize my BAYC ape for fun and airdrop it to everyone in this community.

After all … we are all 0xMaki in some ways and have no intention of leaving this space I am long-term aligned and always ready to step back if needed or required by this community. I am one of your assets for life.

Absolutely thank you everyone for the kind words and for the one reaching out. I’ve accepted this decision and am at peace mentally.

Special mention to Nomi,Tarun, Stani, banteg, Santi, Andre, Julien, SBF, Emily, Tristan, Arthur, Kevin, Ashwin, Eli, Future, Ted, Michael, Su, DegenSpartan, Lau Brothers Seb, Dimitri, Vitalik Ric, Dan, Chris, Robert, Viktor, Mathieu, DeFiGod, Kyle, Jacob, Pete, Juan, Alex, Vance, Toast, eGirls, Jai, Matthew, Leifeng, Jay, Tom, Hayden, Anatoly, Raj, Ming, Mable, Stephan, Machi, Dean, Leslie, Steven, Eden, Ceteris, Cobie, Alex, Belz, Feir, Levx, Boring, Amanda, Ariel, All of our investors, The buidlers (400+ team we are in touch with!), the whole Sushi team, DeFi community, degens, apes and the last but not least Sushi holders (yall aren’t ready for what is next!)

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