Treasury : Bonus!

Hola sushi’s lovers, I think the time is come for SUSHI to use his treasury for the first time.

The treasury is close to … yes… $1,000,000,000… ONE BILLION !
Everyone can check here : Proxy | 0xe94B5EEC1fA96CEecbD33EF5Baa8d00E4493F4f3

This was only possible thanks to the incredible work of the team, and like traditional finance :face_vomiting: , I think it’s time for Bonus.

I won’t hide it, I made a lot of money from November to now just by holding my SUSHI and especially because the team have done an incredible work in less than 6 months :

  1. Onsen
  2. Bentobox and Kashi
  3. New interfaces
  4. MISO is coming
  5. TVL is close to $5,000,000,000
  6. Sushi treasury close to $1,000,000,000

It’s quite normal and logic that we can thanks the SUSHI team.
How ? By accepting this proposal and by letting them use for the first time their treasury to give semestrial bonus to the dev.

Without them, a lot of us would not have made money. Remember from September to November. It’s time to be grateful :slight_smile:


  • YES, use 1% of the treasury + distribute equally to each member
  • YES, use 0.5% of the treasury + distribute equally to each member
  • NO

I can’t make a poll but if the proposal is accepted by a majority of member, I will create a snapshot next Sunday.

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While I’m all for bonuses, typically bonuses are not priced in %'s of the entire protocol treasury… somewhere between 5-15% of salary would look more proper imho. Also if this proposal moves forward it should be important to specify this would be a yearly/annual occurrence and not a “one-off” community vote to payout bonuses.


Typically, bonuses in TradFI are very higher than the salary and priced of how much the company has won. Also, this first time should be exceptional because it will be the first time to use the sushi’s treasury

I believe the community can ’ rewards them ’ every 6 months or every year, but the amount of the bonus must be determined at each time, if they do nothing for the next year, they will not deserve to receive a bonus.

The treasury currently holds funds to be distributed to users who have vested SUSHI. These funds don’t belong to the SUSHI DAO.

Are you sure ? Why do exist proposals about the treasury management ?

For the $200M (or something like that) that is actually in there.

Are you guys happy the Price of #Sushi is Crashing daily?