Twitter/Social Media Improvements

Hey guys, just making my rounds and I noticed Twitter is not using HashTags. Would be gaining more traction and longevity with each post if we include up to two max hashtags, no more though, it’s tacky and the algo knows it.

#Defi for instance right now would be great for us considering the boom we are in. I understand we got no marketing experts with us yet. So I’ll keep an eye out.

No means a pro though, I only know what I do from screwing a game launch with crap marketing and crammed for the next time around. heh. So please experts come forward.

Other things to think about though

  • Like I said Hashtags like #Crypto or #Defi. If sushi is doing well, try pushing #Sushi. No more than two though!
  • Images are pretty good, show off the new interface, show off community art.
  • Images are alright but GIFS are pure gold, the new interface video is making its rounds to prove my point.
  • This one is already happening but you want to be consistent, aim for one a day. If you have no good content though, at least one a week.


  • Also you have no description in the profile, tell people about who we are, tell them how we are a self-governing, made by the people for the people DEFI exchange.

We should change the logo, the nyan-sushi looks scammy.
And yes we should add a description, but I don’t think we should use hashtags…we’re not influencers and the whole DeFi space already knows who we are.

Influencer or not, it allows us to connect to people searching for specific things. Right now a lot of people are just going to twitter and typing in #Defi, if we start using this tag then we would pop up alongside all other news about Defi. Depending on how good the tweet is, it can stay up on popular for many weeks sometimes compared to people that don’t use hashtags.

Don’t get me wrong though, it needs to be done right otherwise, it just looks sad.

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Yeah I fear it will look sad instead of being useful

Totally agree, this is all about finding our niche and standing by it, develop an associated lexicon and let the difference shine with social media and PR.

For this is to happen Sushiswap needs to state its core values, mission statement or some kind of baseline for people to rally on. Most of the time the result is a white paper, we need our own don’t you think ?

There was a narrative that brought us together is the first place, everything is here, we just have to make sens of it. Then we can tell our story and evangelize.


100% this and you are not alone in thinking this way, a sizable number of us are thinking of ways to push people away from the idea of just marketing the fact we are a good platform like everyone else but instead also put a massive focus on our strengths, Self Governance, power to the people and all that.

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Would love to see some sort of pool or form to gain more insight about our community : we can brainstorm for some quick questions here, then maybe it can be pushed through Discord ?

Btw, is anyone in the team dedicated to coordonating marketing efforts ?