Unleash the Sushi Horde: Community Rewards in the Sushi DAO





Hi Kuyu, I’m the primary author of Sushi’s All-In-One Customer Support and Engagement and lead developer of the Samurai platform. Thank you for taking the time to put up this proposal on the forum.

The scope of this proposal is already something we have on our original proposal and pipeline. The goal was to roll out this publically when the platform gets ready. Currently, the platform is being built out. Although even during this time frame, we have been releasing grants for community members who volunteer with extra tasks especially around design-related tasks for the platform.

I have also been working on a community-directed initiative draft meanwhile with another community member (coming from an engineering background as well) from Sushi. You can read the draft version here made for engineering tasks: Sushiswap Directed Community Eng. The full version for other non-technical tasks are still being discussed. The goal is to create something like contribute.yearn.rocks on the Samurai platform at the end of the day for both engineering and non-engineering-related tasks.


Hey pegbit, noted! Have removed contents and will keep this standby, if needed under some shape or form in the future. Thnx.

Pegbit, thanks for including the resources and comparisons to other protocols.

Helps with an understanding of the scope and goal of this proposal.

Would love to see the draft for engineering tasks and excited to see this proposal mature.