[URGENT] Metamask wallet got compromised

Hello all,

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to post this kind of topic here but I really need your advices.
My Metamask account which is connected to Sushiswap was compromised this morning, all the assets in the wallet were gone.

However, my SLP tokens and farm are still on Sushiswap which is connecting to the compromised account, is there any way to transfer them to another wallet without unstaking them? Is there any thing that Sushiswap support can help?

Your advices will be very much appreciated.

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Hey, can you add me on discord : HHK#7327
or find me on the sushi discord and send a pm : SushiSwap Community

If its not to late, I might be able to help on this !


Hi - i have the same issue - did you get resolved or is this another scam