One of the causes of price volatility is that people don’t have a stimuli to buy SUSHI. We either have to buy them ourselves or provide incentive for users to bring SUSHI to sushiswap. We have xSUSHI for that purpose. But it’s not an optimal solution and it mostly accumulates SUSHI pool. And even with better UI, depending on whales is not a sustainable option long term.

Sushiswap is an exchange 1st and farming platform only after. That’s why I think main focus should be on liquidity providers and swap mechanism. Some LP thoughts that were mentioned that I agree with:

  • Collaborate with new/existing token providers to make day/weekly promotions on particular pairs
  • Promote long term liquidity (ie prevent opportunistic farm on other platforms) with higher SUSHI percentage. It may be a marginal percentage, but will give users a sense of loyalism

About exchange. It seems a bit awkward to me that SUSHI can’t be used as gas during swap process. If there was a way to burn SUHSI during swap instead of ETH, then it will solve 2 problems at once: a) incentive for users to buy and b) inflation by reducing amount of SUHSI in circulation. Even better, if we could promote our platform by saying “Buy SUSHI - Save on GAS” that would be perfect and give our token real value.

I believe technically to achieve this we need to swap user’s SUSHI to ETH which will costs GAS and be more expensive than simply use ETH. So I see 2 solutions: a) Save 0.0025% as ETH (instead of SUSHI as it is now) and swap it with user’s SUSHI, pay for GAS from the bar. It seems it will require a contract modification. b) Take user’s SUSHI and swap to ETH in SUHSI-ETH pool. Pay for gas by taking ETH and depositing SUSHI to the pool. To make SUSHI favorable choice take additional amount of SUSHI from the bar. During swap we can give an option for user either to use ETH or SUSHI and it should be beneficial for him(er) to use SUSHI.

I’m not certain about technical part but will sure research this further.


Good idea! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I like both ideas…not technical enough to know the mechanisms to implement sushi as gas, but would be cool.

This sounds like 2 birds with one stone.

This provides another reason to be loyal to a single MM. If you stick with their token, you can swap for (Seemingly) free.
Since you’re generating Sushi with xSushi!

Hmm, what if holding a certain amount of sushi in the wallet entitled the user to a certain discount on swaps?
Maybe 100 sushi for a 0.01% discount, taken from the 0.05% fee paid to xSUSHI holders. This would lower APR for xSUSHI but overall increase the value of SUSHI by incentivising purchase and holding.

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