Use treasury UNI to add liquidity


UNI is 40% of uniswap’s volume. Let’s seed a UNI/SUSHI pool with the our treasury.

Motivation: we need to get volume back up ASAP, we are incentivizing tokens who are no longer en vogue.

  • Supply UNI and SUSHI to the pool
  • Don’t supply UNI/SUSHI to the pool

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A portion of UNI could surely be used to jumpstart liquidity. But not all of the tokens.
We should be mindful of impermanent loss for something as sensitive as treasury ops.


Not sure if UNI-SUSHI would generate volume you are thinking, and there is no way to farm it either. UNI-ETH is the pool that was added to the farm. Wouldn’t it be more advantages to add liquidity there?

I personally don’t think that using DEV funds to provide liquidity is the way to do it, but that’s just my thought.

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May be a dumb question, but if treasury LP’s UNI/SUSHI, and someone wants to trade UNI/ETH, doesn’t the smart contract calculate UNI/SUSHI then SUSHI/ETH to derive a UNI/ETH price?

Yeah the contract calculates out the most efficient route to get from UNI to ETH which in this case would probably be UNI => SUSHI => ETH. It would be more tx fees than just going through one pool.

TBH, it’s hard for me to see this pool getting real volume. I think some of your recent proposals could be a much higher bang-for-the-buck way to drive volume: SWRV, CREAM, wNXM, FTX Bear/Bull tokens etc

I think FTX BULL/BEAR would be a game changer. Maybe we should lend the UNI to someone who can LP vs ETH, we need the liquidity and UNI is a money maker rn.

Yeah I think that’d be better - UNI-ETH has more volume potential than UNI-SUSHI

easiest way to implement is to sell some sushi for eth and use the eth and uni, agree?

Or just sell half of the UNI for ETH?

I personally am hoping that most of the uni if not all goes to compensating the team/contributors. I believe this to be a more worthwhile use of the uni treasury.