Using Solana, Wormhole

I’ve been a massive fan of Serum and Solana for a while now. When SBF took over Sushiswap it really put it on the map for me because of his relationship to those two projects. Recently with Solana announcing Wormhole I’ve got this feeling that there’s a massive opportunity for Sushiswap to become the best AMM around by utilising Solana’s incredibly high speed and low cost. I’m really quite new to the blockchain space in general so this might be an obvious or even a stupid suggestion, I have no idea how much work it would require, but considering the fact that Sushiswap is probably trying to differentiate itself from Uniswap right now, and what I’ve mentioned above, wouldn’t it make sense to go all in on a move to using Solana/Wormhole??

The biggest issues with this are:

  • Taking your assets from one chain to another… there are bridges, that may work, but we don’t know how safe they are. There are also costs to bringing your assets across and back to Ethereum.
  • If the chain is fast enough to run full orderbooks, do we really need an AMM?
  • Unless the chain supports EVM, it will require a full rewrite of the AMM.
  • Most chains don’t have good tools like MetaMask to support hardware wallets and such and work easily from the browser.
  • New chains may have security issues.

So far MoonBeam has seen most promising to me because of both EVM and ETH-RPC support = can use Metamask and same wallet addresses, etc and can deploy with minimal effort.