Voting process for SUSHI holders

Hi all, I’m new to SUSHi and DeFi in general. I’ve done my research and am a proud SUSHI holder (now XSUSHI). I would like to know how the voting process works. I know right now we’re in a discussion phase to see if the proposal for treasury diversification will pass, get a counter proposal etc. I want to know how the voting process works when the day gets there. I have learned voting takes place there: Snapshot

however, i’m not aware if i’m supposed to claim my SUSHIPOWAH somewhere or the platform will just recognize my wallet with the XSUSHI in it. Also when is the next vote and why doesn’t it appear on the snapshot page?

I appreciate any help,

ps. I consider myself decently knowledgeable in crypto and for me its a treasure hunt to get this info. It would be great for this information on voting and governance to get streamlined for the “common-folk”

Holding XSUSHI in your wallet is enough to be eligible to vote. No need to claim anything.
When you go to the Sushiswap voting page - Snapshot, click on the “All” tab and you can choose what type of proposal you want to see (active, pending, core, etc)

Keep in mind that only the outcomes of the “Core” proposals are mandatory. For more details on voting please join Sushiswap discord, there are community members who would help you with any questions you may have