Was in Discord and Channel Disappeared/Can't join Discord

Hello My Discord User is mattliveshere#3406

I am interested in joining the Dev Team and I was posting about that in Discord and for some reason the channel disappeared from my Discord and I can’t seem to join.

Looks like maybe my account was just auto flagged for some strange reason…

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This is not uncommon for Discord. Try closing out of discord and reopening to see if the channel comes back. Also, if you know where the channel was, try clicking the drop down menu in the category where the channel is located. Sometimes they just automatically close the sub-category.

As to whether the account was flagged, make sure to post in the Support Channel and let the team know you think you’ve been flagged. Discord

I can’t find the support channel. Can you please link me to that?

Hello hhk,

This doesn’t work because the whole challenge is that I’m unable to join. My account was flagged as being a bot due to trying to save time and copy pasting messages.

What’s your discord username ?

My Discord username is Mattliveshere#3406

It seems you have been banned from many servers already.

Is this because of the spam ?


It was from one time when I was copy pasting in lots of servers.

Can someone please assist with this? It seems I am still unable to join from copy, pasting messages before.

Bump, it’s been a few days. I can prove my identity if you’d like here are some links



I can also share ID if needed.

Bump can someone please assist me with this?

Happy to provide anything that is needed. I would really like to work for SushiSwap if possible. I have really great solidity skills as well as skills in other areas.

Unbanned you, pls don’t spam again :pray:

Thank you. As stated I was just copypasting but I will refrain from reusing the same message like that. I also realise the true level of scamming that happens now where as before I didn’t realise how many automated scams there are in Discord.