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@ctrl Looks like this got edited but never saved? I’m still able to view the default text.


SUSHI = focus = sushiswap(dot)fi = don’t use sushiswapclassic(dot)com again, focus, focus, focus…!!!

all grow fast, sushi slow, slow, slow…! LIQUIDITY grow, PRICE not grow like STABLECOIN…! WHY??? COMPARE with AAVE, UNISWAP, all grow fast…!

SUSHI please, build website like AAVE, Clean and Very Good for Marketing.
ALL DATA on First Page.
COMPARE SUSHI on CoinMarketCap
when Click website = sushiswapclassic OLD and UGLY…!!!



why I can swap CLA token to CELO on Sushi ?? Please help

Please look at the liquidity for the token on https://www.sushi.com/analytics - If it’s too low for the amount you want to trade, slippage % set will prevent an unfavorable trade from happening.

In the future if you have a question, please create a new thread.

Hello. How do I make a new topic for discussion?

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Hey, you’ll need at least trust level 1 which doesn’t take too long to get, just requires some interactions with topics and posts. You can see more information here: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels