What can you do with xsushi?

I am disappointed that xsushi is not earning rewards for an entire year. Is there anything I can do with my xSushi now to earn at least some reward? I don’t want to burn and stake somewhere else but I am not seeing the point right now in continuing to stake here.

Is it possible to swap xsushi for something else and stake that too? Does this work?I have never tried to trade away my xsushi.

Swapping your xSushi out is going to cost more gas and incur slippage. It can be done but you’d find it much more favorable to unstake first probably… If you’d like to keep the Sushi and some form of voting power you could move it to https://www.tokemak.xyz/ for a slight yield or you could also provide it in a Sushi/ETH pair as liquidity. There is always a need for more Sushi liquidity, especially on layer 2 chains.

Relatively soon you may see tokenomics change, provided a proposal passes. That would revamp the mechanism of xSushi, as an example: https://forum.sushi.com/t/sushi-tokenomics-redesign/

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Hello folks.

Does anyone know or can anyone estimate when the new Sushi-Tokenomics will be accepted and when rewards will be paid out again for XSUSHI staking?

Does anyone know how to unstake xSushi for Sushi? I’m not seeing this functionality anywhere?

If you’ve still not been able to find it, this link here will bring you to it: https://app.sushi.com/bar?chainId=1

You can explore swapping your xSushi for other tokens on decentralized exchanges, which would allow you to stake or participate in other protocols that offer rewards. You can stay informed about SushiSwaps updates as they introduce new features for earning rewards with related assets.