What happen inside sushiswap ?!

Are we allowed to discuss, or is sushiswap become a dictatorship ?
If I had never posted : Sushiswap core team hiring guidelines v4.2 - #6 by BoringCrypto , nobody would have never known BoringCrypto was finally not hired because the core team doesn’t want him as a lead architect .

At the end, @0xMaki close the topic, and wrote

I don’t see why I would pay someone in BD 300k USD if I can have someone doing the same job for 150k and be happy doing so with the same if not better output.

Really ?!!
You said many times " we pay more than everyone " , " we want to pay the good price to attract the best dev " .

Let me tell you something.
Ask yourself why a dev would work for you for $150K, if for the same work, he can be paid $250K elsewhere.

You have lost 0xctrl, you have lost BoringCrypto, the DAO isn’t at all, you close a proposal because you don’t want the community know what really happen inside sushiswap.
And you will lose a lot of other dev and attract script-kiddies if you are badly surrounded. It’s not too late.

Please, let this topic open, don’t be a dictator.
If you really like the transparency, don’t be a dictator, be fair.

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Sushi hasn’t lost me :slight_smile: I’m still here, working around the clock, buidling and shipping :smiley:

I FULLY support Maki in dropping the hiring guidelines discussion and just focusing on delivering for Sushi. It’s much more efficient to let Maki choose his team, pay them as he sees fit and if the community isn’t happy, they could always vote to replace Maki (and I know he will fully respect any community decision on this). But since he’s been doing an amazing job, I’d say, let him hire and fire the way he sees fit.



To be honest, I don’t like to interfere in an internal process.
After reading your messages, i’m here to share with you my little view.

Hiring someone is something difficult, because you don’t know the real value of the person before working with him, and by real value, I talk about the skill, but also the motivation, the vision, the implication and the more important : the human value.

I had a chance to see how the team works, and, trust me, the view is beautiful.
They are connected on both sides of the world with the same motivation, with different views but with an uniq goal : continue to grow sushiswap and do the best for users, 24/24 .

I still didn’t have the chance to talk with all the team, not at all with BoringCrypto ( and clearwood ), and a little with Joe and Maki.
All of them have an amazing skill, they are present, they have rigor and they deserve at least what they had in their initial proposal.

Over the course of my life, I have learned a lesson: If your plate is full, don’t look at other people’s plates.

$300K by year or $250K, it’s the same, and if previous members had bigger, $1M or $2M or $1000m, i’m happy for them, they deserve it, really, and it doesn’t affect my judgement.

Finally, don’t make mistakes.
A decentralized governance doesn’t mean top members can’t take decisions without the community. The decentralized governance is here to share with the community a vision of the road to take, to help users to feel integrate in the project. It’s not here to let them decide all sensitive internal decision like the hiring process.

If you are really a large HODLers, keep HODL, and keep trusting the core team :wink:


When the weight of a vote is proportional to the size of $$$ stash, that is not exactly a direct democracy.
Seems like the higher the sushi price, the further we move towards autocracy disguised as representative democracy. Especially when the only choice is ‘vote out’ in the next elections. Just like in the real world. Part of human nature, methinks.

Price going up makes sushi more resistant to governance attacks without making it an autocracy

there are guys who stacked their bags when sushi traded at 1$, so I guess it makes sense they control a big % of voting power

if we want to encourage newcomers we should keep printing sushi to rewards LPs but this would dilute early investors which now hold big shares and will probably vote against inflation

TLDR Since we will stop printing sushi people who want to have a say in governance should buy now or should have bought months ago

That is why direct democracy does not exist in any country in the world and even some of the most prominent Greek philosophers did not agree.
If you were in the middle of the ocean on a boat, what would you do:
A. would you call an election to see how to pilot the ship or …
B. Would you try to find out if there is someone on board who is an expert in doing it?
Platon preferred the aristocracy, although this is indisputably classists believed that these aristocrats would rule selflessly and virtuously. However, this society would be in constant danger of collapse. He anticipated that the sons of wise and educated men would eventually become corrupted by privilege and leisure, that they would end up worrying only about wealth, and the aristocracy would become an oligarchy.
I think that much of the illusion that Defi awakens is the possibility of finding new solutions to old problems, it would not be bad to continue with this debate even if we did not find the solution, perhaps we anticipate future problems, or at least it would help to differentiate ourselves from the old finance and the old politics for accepting contradictions and not treating users / citizens like idiots.

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I guess competition for web3/solidity developers much higher and it worth paying more than everyone, while BD/marketing and similar non-tech jobs in general not considered as highly competitive.

It’s just a matter of market economy - you can find 10 BD persons competing for the position, but you won’t find solidity developers.

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I don’t understand why paying a senior solidity dev $300k is controversial. A good full stack JS dev with no solidity experience can earn that in large NA markets.

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At what point do we forego any pretense of decentralization governance, and just convert the platform into a hedge fund? Dev share already can be considered a management fee taken upfront.
Performance fees can be added either through new projects, or on new iteration of the contract a-la yearn v3.0.

The price of progress - we got new materials, but the societal issues are just as unsolved as they were millennia ago. Seems like there is no easy path towards new algorithms of governing the commons.