What is a $sushi token?

When i buy a $sushi token, what do i actually buy?
When I buy a Ferrari’s stock, what do I really buy?


When I wake up, what is existence?

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Cogito ergo sum ( Cartesio).

What I buy whith $sushi token?

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The future of finance

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Something more pragmatic?

Who are we? :thinking:

To answer you more directly you are buying 2 things:

  1. the ability to vote on governance items
  2. a share in platform profits (if u stake into xSUSHI)
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Dividend payout policies

Good!! This is the answer.

Once the right policy has been identified, we will no longer have the farm & dump.
Avoiding the farm & dump, the current liquidity will bring more liquidity.
We don’t need Dao who bring liquidity, but a liquidity magnet.
Good @pocketsquare ! Correct answer :+1: