What is DEX - questions for the SushiSwap team?

Hello, I am a reporter at Business Insider and was not sure what the best way to talk to the SushiSwap team was but - we are hoping to do a feature on what a DEX is - so could you provide me with a response to the bellow please within the hour, if possible?

  • Why would someone buy a DEX token if they can just own ether?
  • Does the volatility of DEX tokens have any implications for the platforms that underpin them?
  • DEX or DeFi token? Uniswap or solana? And why?

Please, let me know what your full name and job title is, should you respond to this.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Camomile Shumba

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could you provide an email or twitter we can communicate with you ?

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