What is $MEOW all about?

I stumbled upon this tweet and so far I couldn’t find any detailed explanation on this. Could anybody help?

$MEOW suggests double yields and special voting rights but there’s no announcement about it. It is available in the Sushi app.

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Really would like to hear about this as well.

I’ve got some xsushi staked in, although not really clear what it is for or how good the option is.

I’ll post a Medium blog about this sometime this week with a more in-depth, but easy-to-understand explanation of the benefits of MEOWshi. Thanks for your patience on this, 7/20 announcement has taken precedence.

Is there any update on this topic, as I’m also interested and could not find any ‘real’ information on the internet. Using is seems a bit shady - the sushi/meowshi website needs a link to a source explaining what exactly this is, where to vote and what the benefits are… There is clearly a lack of information.

There are currently less than 500 holders - which is sincerely spoken ‘nothing’.
This project needs a boost.

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So my understanding is this is still in development. They briefly discussed it at the last community call and I missed the update b/c of another phone call. I’ve seen some of the contracts being prepared and I’ve converted to MEOW. What I can do with it is minimal at this point as the feature is still in development. But I’m excited to continue learning more.

Here are a couple of items I’ve found:

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Hi guys! Here’s the Medium post about Meowshi (MEOW):

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