$XBE Liquidity Event - Sushiswap - 2000%+ APY

Hi All,

We have just launched our liquidity event on Sushiswap (and Uni) for 10 days. More information can be found here:

The big XBE liquidity reward starts ~9am UTC Friday 2 April 2021! - EURxb.finance

Yield Farming Info

What is EURxb.finance?

EURxb has issued 100mm EURO of Stablecoins exclusively backed by interest bearing, regulated, senior secured bonds (that serves as the protocol’s real-world reserves) yielding a real time interest of 7%.

The EURxb is an ERC20 Euro Stablecoin that earns real time interest of 7% per annum due to the protocol’s bond reserves. The EURxb aims to bring tokenised transparency to the stablecoin reserve management process while attributing the time-value (interest) of these reserves to holders - just by holding the token, so that we can increase liquidity for swaps to synthetics from the regulated securities market.

EURxb achieves this ambition by holding investment grade senior secured corporate bonds (ISIN: NO0010912843) with a 4:3 asset collateral security ratio in accordance with the ISIN Registered Secured Bond classification as reserves.

Each EURxb Bond Token (EBND) NFT721 represents 1m EURO reserve for EURxb ERC20 stablecoins as a tokenised subscription to an ISIN registered Senior Secured Bond, which in turn is overcollateralised at a 4:3 ratio by an EURxb Security asset token (ESAT) NFT721 representing 1.34m EURO of pledged collateralised assets to the same ISIN Security.

The protocol governance will be controlled through the XBE ERC20 token, which will also be a mechanism to distribute protocol income to holders. It is for this token that we are running a liquidity reward event on Sushiswap.

Thanks for your time!

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Fantastic - glad we are finally on Sushi!

Check our 2min overview video here: https://youtu.be/XFIbrVaGNzE

Also check the XBE’s launch token distribution schedule (12,000 in circulation of 15,000 MAX supply - balance of 3,000 held in community treasury): EURxb and XBE Token Launch Distribution Schedules - EURxb.finance

The reward event is distributing 1,000 tokens over 2 pools in 10 days (that’s 50 XBE tokens per day on the SUSHI pool alone). These tokens were OTC’d by founders after the free and fair distribution and earmarked for marketing, and is not part of the 3,000 held in reserve for community treasury.

Checkout the app (top right corner on the blog or the website) - we’ve tried to make it easy to add liquidity and to stake LP tokens, and also see your rewards and claim them.

See you guys in our socials.