XSUSHI staking still useful?


There is currently no interest on staking on xSushi. Approximately when can you expect staking interest to be paid again at xSushi?

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Staking still gives voting power towards Snapshot proposals. Fee dividends would be reinstated after Dec 22nd.

You say Fee dividends would be reinstated after Dec 22nd.

Dec 22nd. in 2023 ???

Can I unstake my xSushi and exchange it for SUSHI even if there is no conversion factor?
(1 xSUSHI = 1.3531 SUSHI).

When exchanging xSushi for Sushi, do I also get the correct number of Sushi without a conversion factor?

A conversion factor has not been displayed for a few days. It says there
(1 xSUSHI = 0.0000 SUSHI)

It will convert at the proper rate. For whatever reason the page’s UI is not pulling that information correctly, probably a subgraph issue. The rate being pulled for it on Etherscan is correct and fits current ratio vs regular Sushi price. $1.57 | SushiBar (xSUSHI) Token Tracker | Etherscan

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